Tips: Pain relief in endometriosis and severe menstrual pain </title>

A long, long time ago I was a little spoiled princess who took the pill and had no idea of тАЛтАЛthe real, evil women's world except for a small pull in the lower abdomen. "Cramps? Do not pretend, "I told other women as they leaned forward, barely able to walk upright in pain. Then I dropped the pill and felt it, those ominous cramps. They got worse and worse, until I could not get out of bed for three days and got the diagnosis: endometriosis. Karma is actually a Bitch! Every now and then I usually feel like a small, angry man sticking out on my uterus, taking away the uterine lining and placing it somewhere else to grow into big, evil monsters that make my life hell. In order to survive this time even halfway, I have to inhale four to five analgesics daily, very strong, prescription painkillers. It's best to get into the bloodstream as fast as possible. The thought of swallowing dozens of pills every time, just to survive halfway, seems a bit crazy to me. My kidneys and my liver, it will be in my old age, when I'm already through the menopause and have no idea what menstrual pain, safe repay. What is that 1 life we тАЛтАЛwomen lead? To find a better solution to my pain management, I drifted around the back of the internet. I can not be the only woman who dies almost every time she has the rule. During my research, I made the following discoveries: The Livia TENS device
The Livia device was launched in early 2016 specifically for menstrual pain on the market. However, it is nothing but a small, sweet and colorful TENS device that sends electrical impulses to our brain to distract it from the pain signals in our lower back. Exactly such machines are less sexy already with the physical therapist in the practice and on Amazon, for all the fitness freaks who have an aura on the biceps. So if you do not want to spend 130 euros for a lemon-yellow iPod-like device, you can also use the cheap and unsexy variants of Amazon and Co.
My conclusion: It helps, but only limited. Together with pain killers I was able to work! Plus point: It's so small that you can always have it with you, if you even get out of bed without tipping over. Cannibidiol oil
Unfortunately, medical marijuana is still very controversial, although the analgesic and anticonvulsant effect of CBD (cannabidiol) is undeniable. THC-free marijuana, so hemp, you can legally buy and does not synonymous high! Many women report the positive effects and in the US there are already marijuana vaginal suppositories for the relief of menstrual pain.
My conclusion: I bought it as oil and took 3-5 drops at once. Did not help much. Antispasmodic yes, do not relieve pain. I also had to take low-dose painkillers. Electric heating pad
Every time I googled for regular pains for a secret weapon, the Internet just spit out the following: Put the heating pad or hot water bottle on your stomach. And every time I just thought, "What a nonsense, that sounds like I would suggest someone who has just had his leg amputated to put a plaster on the wound." After I had already tried everything possible, I gave this electric heating pads a chance. I always use hot water bottles because without them I can not live. And no, I'm not melodramatic. I'm serious about that!
My conclusion: IT IS THE BEST AND CHEAPEST !!!!! You will not be uncomfortable with it, but it relieves cramps, and in combination with low-dose analgesics you can even survive and work well. heating plaster
Thermal patches are a practical alternative to hot water bottles and Co., especially if you have to travel a lot.
My conclusion: The ThermaCare patches are great, but only in combination with painkillers.
tea cure
I've already told you about the tea tip on endometriosis: raspberry leaves and lady's mantle and I'm still standing by it. I drink the cure from ovulation until the last day of the rule and then take a break. In addition, I usually take low-dose analgesics and Buscopan anticonvulsants.
My conclusion: That and the heating pad together works best for me. It relieves the pain but only to drive it away does not do it. Unfortunately.