Juice Diet: You should know that

Three, five or ten days? When a juice diet can become dangerous depends on the physical condition of the person who wants to lose weight. But for more than two weeks, no fasting cure based on juice or tea is recommended.
The weight loss is missing during a juice diet minerals, trace elements and vitamins. In addition, the energy from proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The juices deliver fructose, but no nutrients.
If our body gets too little protein – we during a juice diet – it attacks the natural protein reserves in the muscles. It is dangerous when the heart muscle is used for energy.
Years later, deficiency symptoms can occur, for example: weakness, cardiovascular diseases, organ and spinal cord damage. If the nutrient stores are emptied, this can have fatal consequences.
It is important to get support from a professional during a fasting cure. Just like our online editor Nadja, who has tested the intestinal rehabilitation for seven weeks, accompanied by a doctor. Everything here: In 7 weeks to a healthy stomach.