What you should know before a detox cure!

The belly is bloated, in addition a feeling of fullness, you have hardly had breakfast. Too much alcohol in the last few weeks, your complexion is pale, you feel bloated. Or you want to lose a few pounds, snack less sweets, change the diet … Anyone who thinks about a detox cure, would like to change something in his lifestyle. Which, of course, means nothing else than: always, when the hard-trained figure is in danger. Detoxification should be the prelude to a healthier, fitter life. Toxins should be flushed out of the body, the body is supplied with energy, the digestive organs recover. But full of motivation, most detoxers unfortunately storm in the wrong direction. Because detox is not easy to drink vegetables – and you're pumperlg 'sund. What you should know before a detox cure.

Many people detoxify wrong. What do you have to consider?

More energy! Shining eyes! Perfect internal cleaning! Among the food trends of recent years, this promises the most benefits: juice. Not just freshly squeezed orange juice, a "green smoothie" is in the best case, pureed spinach, celery and spirulas algae, the more disgusting in the taste, one might say, the more effective. Although the gut does in principle do well to forego a day's pleasures and be washed down with rice, soup or juice, but a true liberation from slags does not take place by the chic (and usually expensive) offered juices. In any case, our body has efficient mechanisms to prevent it from accumulating substances it does not need. Unnecessary substances are excreted via the urine and intestinal tract thanks to the liver and bile. A multi-day juice treatment rather involves the risk that a lack of protein and fiber occurs and stores the body for fear of further undersupply greedy fat deposits. It is important in a detox cure so rather to replace unhealthy sugar with the right foods – but above all, after the "short diet" fundamentally change the diet. Otherwise the body will play yo-yo.

What is the best detox approach?

The best way of detoxification, food scientists confirm, is the consistent reduction of sugar consumption. Instead, focus more on a diet full of vegetables, healthy fats and proteins. The body is supported in this phase by a lot of water, plenty of fiber (! – a renunciation can lead to re-poisoning), vitamin B and antioxidants in the detoxification. Moderate exercise should be on the plan during the purification program. Here is the best program for a 24-hour purification.

What is the biggest misunderstanding in terms of detoxification?

It would be wrong to believe that one must starve in a detoxification – or only eat raw fruits and vegetables. The opposite is true: Liver and intestine should be supplied with real fibers (fiber), much water helps with the faster removal of toxins. A purely liquid diet works for a day (for example, if you've overslept too much and want to take a little break), but as a multi-day course is not really recommended.

What are the real effects of a detox cure?

A detoxification treatment provides a more beautiful skin, more energy, better digestion, weight loss, less bloating and a better mood.

How do I detoxify if I do not want to do a complete detox cure?

If you do not want to go through a complete detox cure, then it will help your body if you significantly reduce the consumption of refined sugar and carbohydrates. Cookies, cakes, white bread, pasta, crackers – all this should not be consumed for some time. Then there are also effects …