Eczema: care products in the test!

When temperatures drop outside and we exchange our loose summer dresses for warm sweaters and cuddly scarves, our skin suffers particularly from drought. For people with atopic dermatitis, the winter season is always the most difficult time of the year. That's why the right skin care is important! Two women with atopic dermatitis have been testing different care products for neurodermatitis for months. Here's her conclusion!

My "all-time" favorite

"Lipikar Baume AP" from La Roche Posay
If I catch myself scratching again at irritated or reddened spots, I immediately apply this cream. She totally keeps what she promises! It quickly reduces the itching and that for the whole day … besides, I stand on the pleasant fruity scent. I like to apply the body balm on the face.

Before and after using "La Roche Posay"

Available at the pharmacy for about 23, – Euro

face cream

"Remederm" by Louis Widmer
Pure relaxation! Every day in the morning, I'm happy when I cream my face with it. The skin feels as if it is thirsty, and after applying it as after a long drink of water. The only downside: as soon as the cream is opened, it is already empty again. It can really recommend to anyone who is plagued with dry or irritated skin.

Available at the pharmacy for about 18, – Euro

Laminating day care

"Anti-redness concealing day care with SPF 25" from Eucerin
At Eucerin my expectations were very high, as they have their own line for atopic dermatitis. The laminating day care is slightly greenish colored, so they, as the name suggests, redness concealed. I used them only on the face, because the most important parts for me were. Watch out! Do not just smear the cream over the whole face, but apply it selectively. If it comes close to the lips, you will quickly have an unpleasant taste in your mouth, and even with the eyes you have to be careful, mine were irritated immediately upon contact with the cream.

Night Treatment

"Revitalizing Ampule Treatment" by Louis Widmer
The ampoule cure should regenerate the skin and renew the skin cells. For my sensitive skin, however, the cure was a bit too much, it was even drier and is even torn in some places. The concept sounds really great, but for me the product has failed.

face cream

"Mittagsblume" by Dr. med. Hauschka
I like to use this cream if my skin does not need very intensive care. She is unperfumed and relaxes the skin.

Available at the pharmacy or at Douglas for йo 24.95

Creamy make-up

"Un" cover up "by rms
The texture is creamy and does not stick. It is also easy to apply and distribute on the skin. The name also does the make-up – it covers redness really well. However, it is not easy to handle and "woman" needs a bit of practice in the area to avoid making the face look as if it was painted or stained. Work best with brushes and good light. However, I found it problematic with the product that it is not suitable for dry skin, but this is not unusual in dermatitis-ridden skin. Unfortunately, the make-up leans on any bumpiness in the skin and you look pretty dumb and very make-up very quickly … in that case the product unfortunately can not keep its promise of "un" cover up. With smooth, even skin top, but in atopic dermatitis such days are just rather sparse.

Available in the sattgarten in Vienna for Euro 24.95

Tinted BB cream with sunscreen

"Anthelios XL – Tinted BB Cream SPF 50" from La Roche-Posay
I am a big sunbather, but also a lover of SPF 50+, so as not to burden my skin too much with UV radiation. Therefore, I was very curious what the cream of sunscreen cream from La Roche-Posay can do. In the meantime, she is one of my daily morning routines during the summer. When applying it spreads well and you do not need much of it. A little blob is enough for the whole face. Of course, it does not cover stubborn redness, but it matts beautifully and makes the face appear more even. The LSF is top. I tested the cream in the desert for two weeks and never tore a sunburn. The only drawback: dry skin is unfortunately even drier.

Acute Cream

"AtopiControl Active Cream" from Eucerin
This cream promises soothing irritated skin and itching relief. I have already read many such promises, but there has hardly been a product. Even with this cream, the relief of itching is limited, but it is noticeable and in acute cases, the cream is a help. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how pleasant the product is on dry skin. The cream is wonderful moisturizing without sticking to the skin. Leaves the pleasant creamy feeling on most creams after a few minutes, because the skin greedily absorbs any moisture, it stops with this product surprisingly long.

Available at the pharmacy for approx. Euro 11, –

Before and after using "Eucerin"

Anti-itch spray

"AtopiControl Anti-Itch Care Spray" from Eucerin
Especially on this spray, I was particularly curious because it promises immediate itching relief and that is the holy grail of atopic dermatitis treatment. The applied spray cools the skin area pleasantly and … that's it. No trace of immediate itching relief. Not just scratching one's own discipline immediately, but waiting tense and waiting to see if the effect still sets in, delays the damage to the skin – it's still itchy.