Ginger against flatulence

Even very slim women know the problem: Your stomach is bloated as if you had inflated a balloon under the shirt. However, many people are unclear why. There are many causes of bloating: lactose or fructose intolerance, gluten intolerance or dysbiosis. In addition, some people also react violently to chemical foods such as preservatives (typical when eating in restaurants). But do not panic. We have found a food that gives you a remedy: Ginger is a real all-rounder! It has a disinfecting effect against bacteria and viruses, promotes blood circulation, helps against nausea and generally has a positive effect on digestion. If your stomach is bloated regularly (and believe us, we women know it all), you should urgently put ginger on your diet.

Recipe: Fresh ginger tea

– 4 to 6 thin slices of fresh ginger
– 1 to 2 cups of water
– the juice of half a lemon or a freshly pressed orange (more or less depending on taste) The tea can be sweetened at will with honey, brown sugar, maple syrup or agave syrup. Preparation:
Bring water to a boil. Meanwhile peel the ginger carefully and cut into very thin slices. Add the ginger to the boiling water and let it steep for at least ten minutes. After a short cool down, add the lemon or orange juice. Sweet at will.

Reistag against flatulence

Our expert for the healthy belly Dr. med. Elisabeth Winkler recommends that people who often have problems with a swollen abdomen determine the cause through examinations! A quick way to get rid of the air in the abdomen is a reistag. Here you will eat only boiled, white Basmati rice for one day and drink a lot of herbal tea or water. You can find a guide to the reiki day against the swollen abdomen here.