Proven: Why Porridge helps you lose weight!

Everyone knows that a bowl of oatmeal is healthier than a Semmerl with sausage and cheese or, worse, a curd cheese for breakfast (guilty, now and then!). So we're not going to tell you anything completely new – but in one respect already, because scientists have now found out how incredibly healthy the morning porridge really is.

Porridge is so healthy in the morning

Hold on tight: Chris Seal, professor of nutrition at Newcastle University, could prove that porridge is ready for breakfast …

  • 1.) lowers the cholesterol level
  • 2.) extends the life
  • 3.) reduces the risk of cancer
  • 4.) strengthens the immune system

A bowl of oatmeal porridge, so Seals, contains more healthy fiber than a slice of wholemeal bread and is rich in minerals like copper, iron and manganese.

That's why Porridge helps you lose weight

Uff. Porridge also helps to lose weight (provided you cook organic oatmeal and does not rely on a usually already sweetened finished product). Because of the low glycemic index of the oat blood sugar peaks are prevented. So you stay full longer and energetic and do not have to put off the first snack (of many) one hour after breakfast. But the real health secret of oatmeal is the oatmeal "beta-glucan". Beta-glucan has a positive effect on the immune system, as it activates the white blood cells (more specifically the macrophages and the neutrophils), which are responsible for the defense against pollutants. Their task is to constantly detoxify the body and the intestinal flora. Regularly eaten for breakfast, beta-glucan may not only speed up metabolism and reduce the risk of obesity, it also plays a key role in insulin resistance. Therefore, it is often prescribed to people with diabetes and asthma. The vegetable fiber is also found in mushrooms and algae – the highest percentage in your morning porridge bowl.