7 tips against cravings

Fast food. Chocolate. Crisps. Cake. The cravings may be different, if – often hormonal in the female cycle conditioned – the cravings come and apparently only the oral satisfaction can provide relief. However, the result after a given feeding attack is usually the same: bad conscience, abdominal pain, a dissatisfied view of the scales. But how can you stop this desire for unlimited food? 1 Drinking: Often we know the signals of our body so bad that we do not recognize thirst and eat instead. The next time cravings come, just drink two glasses of water! Brushing 2 teeth: If you realize you want to reach for the fridge door, you better reach for the toothbrush: Firstly, you are now busy elsewhere and secondly, the minty or fresh taste of the toothpaste reduces the appetite for the unhealthy. 3 No hamster shopping : Whoever does not stock up on stocks can not destroy them. Be sure to have wholegrain products and fresh fruits at home. 4 Eating with Girlfriends: Food cravings usually always attack you alone. After all, one is ashamed of stuffing the delicacies and does not want to be watched. But if you're friends, you're automatically eating less. 5 Picture on refrigerator: If you feel so uncomfortable again, take a picture of yourself and place it clearly visible on the fridge or on the candy tray. At the crucial moment, it should remind you that you do not want to feel like this again. 6 Eat regularly: If you eat three balanced meals a day, you will not have any food cravings in between. However, it is important that the composition of the nutrients our body needs! 7 Enjoyment instead of guilty conscience: Yes, there are foods that are not necessarily the best for our health. But here, too, it depends on the amount! Every now and then to want the pick-sweet or fat-soaking calorie bomb is perfectly fine – on one condition: enjoy it slowly and with full dedication! And we are only too happy to give up the bad conscience!