PMS: These foods are taboo!

For many women, the period is not the problem … but the days before the days. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) causes seizures, water retention, mood swings or tiredness 4 to 10 days before menstruation. We know how bad that is – here you can read about how a day with PMS looks like here … Nevertheless, you should not give in to the cravings for sweets or chips, because they make everything worse.

These foods are taboo

Alcohol in addition to the body and causes headaches and mood swings. If you're feeling sad in the days before your days, you'd rather order juice instead of splash. Salt promotes water retention in our body and makes us feel bloated and uncomfortable. Ever noticed that even hands and feet swell? As hard as it is but chips do not go at all … Sugar triggers mood swings in addition, as the blood sugar shoots up and then drops rapidly. Sweets are forbidden – sorry! Coffee should also be reduced in this time, because the caffeine contained increases blood pressure and releases adrenaline. This makes you even more sensitive to stress and risks sleeping disorders.

Which foods are better?

If a food cravings strike, prefer fresh fruits and lots of water. The cravings for salt and sugar are a sign of hormonal fluctuations and completely normal. Mix a delicious smoothie or treat yourself to a golden milk with cinnamon and some honey in the evening. Vitamin B6 works great against cravings, fatigue or puffiness. It is contained in eggs, fish, nuts, bananas or potatoes.