Tips for a flat stomach

Clever training is just as important as a healthy diet if you are looking for visible results. Starvation is nonsense, breaks down muscle, shuts down the body, and opens the doors for extra pounds once eaten as usual. It is healthier and more effective to build up the muscles of the whole body. These increase the basal metabolic rate of energy, which means you burn more calories even at rest, through the comprehensive, body is holistically shaped harmoniously. Although hours of endurance training also consumes calories, but prevents the buildup of muscle mass and the afterburning effect is relatively low. Good is a combination – say: every other day bodyshaping, on the days in between cardio units. Even without sit-ups to a firm stomach. Although they are perhaps the most well-known abdominal exercise to optimally shape the midsection of the body, crunches are not the first choice. The classic primarily trains the straight abdominal muscles, but for a strong and defined body center it is important to address the entire core musculature. Ideal abdominal training are exercises from the Plank- or board position out or from the side support, or side-plank. These require in addition to the abdominal muscles and chest, arm and back muscles and therefore burn more calories. In the bodyshape workouts of our partner NewMoove you will find plenty of effective exercises for your abdomen. Get started with the 15 minute "Sexy Abdominal Workout". cs_callbacks.push (function () {initJWPlayer ("# v3634998");}); © Video: NewMoove Want to test the entire "Sexy Abdominal Workout" or one of 300 other fitness classes and get your body in shape for the summer? Then check out the leading online gym, NewMoove, for a week at and work out in front of your TV, PC or tablet at home. Training for the stomach: only twice a week is enough – but right. The abdominal muscles themselves do not have to be trained more than twice a week – if you address them specifically and intensively. After that, the muscle needs time to regenerate and grow. At least 48 hours should therefore be left between the units. An exercise is intense if you can do about 10 to 12 repetitions in a row with proper execution. Short and intense instead of beats long and half-hearted.
The diet for a flat stomach: Dos and Don'ts. Do not go hungry! Because then the body switches to low flame and saves each "too much" twice as fast. An active body needs energy. Whisk finished products of all kinds, white sugar, deep-fried, wheat and white flour products, dairy products and alcohol. Fuel energy with fruits, vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, whole grains and legumes. The latter lose their flatulent properties when soaked overnight before cooking and then allowed to germinate (such as in a seed jar or bag). In addition, they also provide more important enzymes and nutrients in this state. You'll quickly realize: the more complete your diet and therefore the more nutritious, the smaller the quantities you need and the less cravings you will feel. Do not be too strict. To avoid bloating and to prevent hunger attacks, it makes sense to eat less, but more often. Fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach, not as a dessert – it is best digestible for breakfast. Even carbonated drinks can sabotage the digestive system – rather drink still water. Try not to eat late in the evening and stroke complex carbohydrates such as pasta and bread when you are no longer physically active. Many people are losing weight just by doing without complex carbohydrates for dinner. Reward yourself after a successful week with a day when everything – in moderation – is allowed. This encourages you to stay on the ball and prevents relapses during the week.