How much do you have to lose weight until it realizes who?

Clearly, if we want to lose a few pounds, we do it for ourselves first and foremost. To make us feel better, move better and be healthier. But, admittedly, of course, we also want others to notice it. "Hey – did you lose weight?" – Of course, that's great, especially if we have been going to the gym twice a week for weeks, avoiding greasy and sweet things and switching our diet to healthy. Since we want already external confirmation, please. Why do not we get them, even if our scale testifies to weight loss? Because it takes a long time before other people realize that we have slimmed down. As much as 3.8 kilos we have to lose before the effect becomes visible to others.

Weight loss shows only from 4 kilos This has been proven at least one study by the University of Toronto. The research group on social perception collected portrait photos of overweight people between the ages of 20 and 40 years. These images manipulated them on the computer. 1 kilo loss, 2 kilos, 3 … After that, they asked test persons to rate the shots. It turned out that from a kilo loss of about four kilos, the subjects took a weight difference clearly true. Really bad is this info: only with a weight loss of seven kilos (yes – unbelievable 7 kilos !!!) The people depicted in the photos were perceived as more attractive. There is at least minimal justice: men, it was found in the survey, have yet to slim down more in order to be perceived as attractive. Namely a whopping nine kilos. "We were able to show," said study director Nicholas Rule, "that in women, the weight loss on the face is faster." Oh great. And what, Mr. Rule, is helping us now against the damn seven kilos?