Vinegar? We'll drink it now!

Coconut water, Iced matcha, green smoothies? It's something from last year. The it-drink this summer is apple cider vinegar! And if you make the face a sour grimace now, it's because you have not tasted it yet. Because of course, it is not served pure. Filled with fruit, splashed with soda or as a refreshing cocktail with tonic water, it brings exciting variety into our summer evenings. And in addition to the new taste experience, he also has a lot of health benefits. What these are, how they make Shrub, so vinegar syrup, and what cocktails taste best, you read here.

magic elixir

"Vinegar stimulates digestion, softens heartburn, regulates blood sugar levels and prevents food cravings, promotes fat burning, feeds good intestinal bacteria, relieves constipation and even has an anti-inflammatory effect," says dietitian Monika Masik ( of the magic elixir. "Vinegar also contains lots of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, fiber and enzymes – especially in the summer you lose a lot of it when you sweat, because it is a good supplier and even though it tastes sour, it is metabolised in the body basic and brings our acidity -Base budget into balance. " Apple cider vinegar is the most common here. But products based on grapes or other fruits work just as well. Much more important is the quality anyway, Masik emphasizes: "The more natural, the better – pay attention to unfiltered, naturally cloudy and unheated organic quality." Clear, distilled vinegars have much less of the valuable ingredients. "

Sour cure

If you really want to use the detoxifying, health-promoting effect, it's best to take a cure. "Drink it daily in the morning, on an empty stomach, a glass of tap water with two teaspoons of naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar in small sips, which boosts the metabolism and regulates the intestinal flora," Masik knows. You should do it for at least three weeks. Once you get used to it, you can also incorporate it into your daily routine. With these quantities there is no danger of overdose. However, before a more intensive treatment, such as vinegar water before each meal, Masik recommends that you check with a doctor.

Do it yourself

And because health may be fun, you should definitely experiment with vinegar drinks. Put on vinegar syrup yourself (see below) and test the taste of various fruits and herbs. Try summer cocktail variations, non-alcoholic or perhaps with sparkling wine, a dash of gin or vodka. That brings new pep in the eternally same aperitifs.

Celebrity model

Incidentally, prominent names swear by vinegar. Giulia Enders, for example, the author of the bestseller "Darm gut Charme", has fallen for the sour drink in her search for new health trends, as she told in a "Die Zeit" interview. In Japan, where the darm expert discovered the drink, it is a popular soft drink that can be bought mixed. At the beginning it would take a while to get used to it. But after three or four times, she became addicted to stuff, says Enders. Maybe you'll say the same thing soon!

Do Shrub yourself

Place two cups of berries or finely chopped fruits in a screw-cap jar. Pour over two cups of organic apple cider vinegar, screw tight, shake vigorously for 20 seconds. Let stand for one week at room temperature, shake daily. Strain juice through tea towel, add 1.5 cups of sugar. Leave for 1 more week, shake daily. Mixing ratio: 1:10 to one liter.

These are the best cocktails


The It-Drink 2017 comes from New York: A stamperl of apple cider vinegar, an about thumb-sized piece of ginger (chopped), a tablespoon of honey with 300 ml of water and mix overnight. Strain the next day, enjoy with ice cubes, fruits, mint and lemon. Can you also refine with elderflower or fruit syrup.

Apple, strawberry, Fizz

This anti-alcoholic Fizz variant brings variety: apple cider vinegar, strawberry margarine, soda in a ratio of 1: 2: 4 mix, serve with ice and fresh mint.

Vinegar-Kir Royal

A Kir-Royal version as a refreshing aperitif: mix apple or fruit vinegar and champagne in a ratio of 1: 5, add a dash of crшme de cassis. Also delicious with homemade shrub (see above).