Barefoot jogging is healthy!

Most people think that a good running shoe can not top anything in terms of healthy jogging. But the US study "Foot Strike Patterns and Collision Forces in habitually Barefoot Versus Shod Runners" (puuhh, long name) now proves: Running with bare feet is even better for our body! "What grandma has always preached to us has now been scientifically proven!"

Why is barefoot jogging healthier?

Running without shoes, the foot must adapt to the unevenness of the floor. Therefore, jogging through the forest is also healthier than jogging on the asphalt. In the forest our feet bump alternately on grass, roots and stones. As a result, different muscles are stressed on the underside of the foot and get a balance. The same principle applies to barefoot jogging. The scientists in the study mentioned above also found that three-quarters of joggers use athletic shoes on the heel. For every single step, the heel has to absorb 2-3 times your own body weight. Even the best running shoe could not cushion this weight permanently. Barefoot joggers, on the other hand, usually land on the outer edge of the foot or on the ball of the foot, which spreads their own body weight over a larger area than just the heel.

Go jogging on barefoot

Anyone who has gone with shoes and now wants to change, should note, however, that suddenly quite different muscle parts are claimed. Therefore, beginners are advised to run only 2 times a week – at most 30 minutes. It is best to look for a softer ground, such as grass or sand, to make the transition easier.

Attention: Risk of injury

Of course, barefoot jogging also has a few minor disadvantages. The risk of injury to the soles of the feet is higher than with shoes. Pointed stones, thorns or insects can be encountered everywhere. If one suffers from an insect allergy or vascular diseases, one should rather forego the new running trend. After barefoot jogging, feet should be regularly pampered with a foot bath and cream to avoid calluses.

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