6 tips for a restful sleep

Tonight is the night when you will have the best sleep of your life. Get ready for your upcoming sleep and get your ticket to the land of dreams. All you have to do is stop doing these 7 things! Stop eating these things at night!
It is almost impossible to have a restful sleep if you have flatulence or heartburn. To avoid digestive problems, you should avoid foods that are spicy, deep-fried or rich in fat and sugar. High fiber foods can cause bloated feeling in the stomach. Leave beans, broccoli, onions and bread for dinner.
Many people do not believe in caffeine, but if you have problems sleepless nights, you should rather do without his evening espresso. Green tea and chocolate can also disturb the sleep rhythm. And if you think that a beer or a glass of red wine will help you turn off after a stressful day, then you're wrong. They also disturb the sleep rhythm and make it difficult to sleep through. Stop having dinner just before bedtime!
Aside from what you eat, it's just as important when you eat it. So to get a good night's sleep, you should not eat at least three hours before bedtime. So your body has enough time to digest and you do not go to bed with your stomach full. Stop skipping your workout!
If you want your body to feel completely exhausted when you go to bed, you should train at least once a day, even if it's just a short workout. Four or five times a week Fitness or running and two days of rest are the ideal plan and you will see that you will sleep like a baby!
Also keep in mind that it does not just depend on one big training session per day. By climbing stairs, instead of driving a lift, exchanging a standing desk for an office chair every now and then and doing stretching exercises during the lunch break, you also power your body in a positive way! Stop clicking on Snooze!
If your alarm rings, then get up too. Snooze options interfere with your regular sleep rhythm too much. It is best to always set a time when you should go to bed and when you should get up at the latest, so that you will sleep in about seven to nine hours.
Naps are also not particularly conducive to your own sleep rhythm. Especially if he is disturbed anyway. Stop clicking through all the apps!
It may seem relaxing in the dark to lie snuggled under the blanket and scroll for hours through Instagram, Facebook and Co., but the cell phone light tricked the brain out, so it thinks it's time to wake up. This makes falling asleep and sleeping through even more difficult. It would be best to identify all electronic devices at least one hour before going to bed and put away. Read a book or sleep in bed and think about the day. Stop going to bed stressed out!
If you feel insecure, stressed or sad, sleeping is all the more difficult. The brain does not stop working and the mind does not stop thinking. You will not always have a solution to all your problems, but you can remedy the situation for a short time and sleep well, doing yoga, meditating, taking a hot bath, or writing down all your grief just before bedtime. All these activities calm and relax us.