Fitness training: Christmas shopping

Do your shopping on foot. Or: Park your car a good distance from the shopping center and take a quick step – a parking space in front of the entrance at Christmas time is utopian anyway.
Take the stairs in the department store – a super poworkout. If you have a lot of packs or bags to carry – and you live on the fourth floor without a lift – carry them up one at a time. You also train your arms.
Train your stomach as you pause for coffee during X-Mas shopping: pull navel firmly inward, hold for a few seconds and relax. The ribcage should not go forward.
Works sitting and standing: For a solid Popsch tense this in between again and again.
While standing at the cash desk, you can train your calves. Just roll on your toes and roll it off slowly. And the waiting is flying by.
You can also get your biceps into shape while you wait in line. You need: a few shopping bags – should not be a problem. Move forearms up and down without the upper arm moving.
Did you know that you burn more calories standing up than sitting down? So stand as often as possible, it pays off!