What helps with abdominal pain?

Recognize symptoms.
The word "abdominal pain" does not say very much about what happens in the body, explains internist Dr. Navide Heis-Fard. Discomfort in this area can have various causes .
If the stomach produces too much acid, it manifests as pain and the feeling of having a stone in the stomach. Possible causes: rich food, alcohol, nicotine, stress. Avoid these things for a while, especially in the evening, and go for light meals. Cheeseback tea calms down. Heartburn.
If the occlusion between the esophagus and stomach does not work properly, gastric acid enters the esophagus. In contrast, starchy foods that bind the acid, such as potatoes, old white bread, bananas or a glass of milk help. Attention!
Unusual upper abdominal pain can also be a sign of a heart attack in women. This is usually accompanied by sweating, nausea or collapse. Then call the rescue immediately! Constipation.
This can lead to violent convulsions. Laxatives are not a solution Heis-Fard. The body gets used to it and the effect is lost. It is better to drink a lot (water, herbal tea), high-fiber diet (wholemeal bread, cereals), exercise and take time to use the toilet. Because the intestine needs rest. Diarrhea.
In addition to stress, food intolerances can be responsible here. With a test, such as bioresonance, you can find out what the gut is problematic. The good: If you give it a break and pay attention to his diet, he usually recovers, you can enjoy the affected foods again in moderation. Attention!
If you do not have more than 3x / week more than three months or vice versa 3 times a day or more, or have blood in your stool, be sure to check! A serious illness could be behind it.