What helps with headaches?

Trigger lifestyle.
Sport, enough fresh air, sufficient sleep and inner balance can have a strong effect on individual well-being. If one is sensitive to efforts, lifestyle adjustments can solve many problems. Therefore, insert a movement unit as often as possible. This can also be an extensive walk with the children or the partner. Go to bed before midnight, at least three evenings a week. And avoid too much alcohol and nicotine. Trigger diet.
Heavy food in the late evening, many finished products or alcohol burden the organism. Avoid lush foods, animal fats and processed foods. Freshly cooked, lots of fruits and vegetables, high quality oils, a maximum of 3 times a week meat or fish should make the menu. If the intestine does not work well, try probiotics, which are lactic acid bacteria (in the pharmacy, eg of omnibiotic). In the stomach are about 100 million nerve cells, the so-called abdominal brain. It has anatomically a very similar functional structure as the brain, so the head and stomach are strongly interconnected, complaints directly affect. Trigger stress.
We often want to create too many things in a short amount of time, ideally even as perfect as possible. The result is stress. This not only causes headaches, but also digestive problems or even depressive moods can follow. The general practitioner is the first point of contact. In the detailed conversation must be clarified, what exactly the patient is missing, before deciding on a therapy, explains general practitioner and TCM expert Dr. med. Kerstin W rther (woertherarzt.at). It focuses on conversation, acupuncture, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes. Especially helpful: breathing exercises for relaxation. Migraine.
About 12-14 percent of women suffer from migraine, about twice as often as men. This pain returns periodically, often several times a month, usually locally, pungent or throbbing, and is also associated with nausea or even vomiting. Apart from painkillers, a regular lifestyle, lots of sleep and a healthy diet help here. Also, acupuncture and mental health care can assist. Miracle cure acupuncture.
The technique, which comes from TCM, pins needles into the skin at certain points. That does not hurt, just pokes something. In this way, blockages are released and the energy is restored to flow. The effect is not always felt immediately, often it takes a while. But after a few treatments, most clients find it easier to change problem situations in their lives, Dr. Worther from her daily practice.