TEM instead of TCM: Traditional European Medicine

Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Phytotherapy. In this country, the treatment methods from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) have long been announced. The more than 10,000 years old healing form from the East brings body and soul back into balance and stimulates above all the self-healing powers. What many do not know: There are also traditional European healing techniques, such as watering, liver wrap or bloodletting, which have been used by the Celts and Druids and are often much more suitable for Europeans than those from TCM.

When conventional medicine reaches its limits

As in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or in Ayurveda, TEM (Traditional European Medicine) has preserved and passed on the knowledge of past generations about the health of humanity. In the TEM the essential basics of Hildegard von Bingen (herbal knowledge) and the teachings of the Bavarian pastor Sebastian Kneipp (Kneipp medicine) are used. In Austria you will find the most important center of traditional European medicine in Upper Austria, in the traditional houses of the Sisters of Mary of Carmel.

When bloodletting according to Hildegard von Bingen max. 150 ml of blood taken. It is one of the most valuable and fastest detoxification options in TEM. In some people, no blood comes, because the body has no need to excrete something. For others, the doctor may say a lot about human health after the blood has been left for about 2 hours. If the serum is yellowish or whitish, this indicates excess fats. If certain threads form, they are signs of inflammation. Then the doctor gives recommendations for certain herbs and applications. The healing power of water
Water plays a central role in Sebastian Kneipp's 5 pillars of life. There are many different castings – either with warm or cold water. That in turn determines the TEM doctor. An alternating foot bath, for example, helps with circulatory problems or low blood pressure. Even those who suffer from sleep disorders or headaches should try the replacement foot bath.

Wraps and packs
Whether neck wrap or hay flower sack. In TEM, there are many natural remedies made from natural materials (clay, pots) and herbs that support the body's self-healing powers. Wyda instead of yoga
Wyda is a holistic philosophy that is about getting in touch with yourself. In doing so, one can relax through flowing exercises and energy sounds, strengthen one's mind or stimulate the metabolism. The exercises are similar in some ways to yoga. Here you can learn more about European yoga!

Which archetype are you?

In Traditional European Medicine (TEM), the archetype of a human is first determined so that the TEM doctor can coordinate the treatments. There are 4 temperatures: Sanguine: He is active, open-hearted, energetic and mostly optimistic and cheerful. He is not resentful and does what he enjoys.
Suitable use: cool applications such as chest and liver wrap, whole body rubbings with grape seed and lemon balm oils.
Abandonment: too much sweet and fat, animal foods, sweet alcohol. Choleric: He has a hot temper, shows leadership qualities, is prone to hyperbole, emotional and outbursts of anger, is extroverted, but often uncontrolled. Suitable application: cooling and calming applications. Massages with thistle, almond and lavender oils.
Avoidance of: too much animal protein, alcohol, hot spices and fatty foods. Phlegmatic: enjoyment is important to him. He is reliable, can accomplish things, but seldom initiate. To get going causes him problems when he "runs", then persistently and with energy.
Suitable application: warming and drying applications, warm chest wraps. Abdominal massages with camelina oil, marigold ointment.
Abandonment: too much sweets, milk, whole grains, tropical fruits, pork, too many carbohydrates. Melancholic: He is an admonisher and a thinker, appreciates beauty and intelligence, is more introverted. He tends to ponder and pessimism, struggling for an activity.
Suitable use: warm applications such as warm chest wraps and liver wrap. Clay in water in the morning relieves gastrointestinal discomfort. Massages with strengthening cedar nut oil.
No: Frozen food, raw food, hard to digest, too much salt and sugar.

The role of medicinal plants in the TEM

"I never take medication," says Marianne Mahringer. She is the herbalist of the Kneipp tradition house of the Marienschwestern in Bad M hllacken. "Everything that I need for my health, I find in nature!" In the TEM, the herbs are not only eaten or drunk in the form of teas. In the Kurhaus, the healing plants are also used for detoxification in the form of bath additives, wraps or as herbal stamps for therapeutic massage. Herbs for detoxification
In order to detoxify the body, the metabolism must first be stimulated. According to the herb expert, plants with a particularly high number of bitter substances, such as wild garlic or watercress, are best used for this purpose. "The herbs arouse the entire organism and support the body during excretion," explains Marianne Mahringer. "Wild garlic is an absolute detox herb! At the beginning of spring it grows everywhere and you can use it as tea, in smoothies or as soup. "

Movement and life order

Regular exercise is the basis for a healthy body, an attentive mind and a well-balanced soul. Endurance, gymnastics and light strength training are an integral part of Holistic Kneipp Therapy. But also the mind has to be in balance, so that we can get well. Therefore, the training of mindfulness and meditation is an essential point of TEM.