9 tips to get pregnant

Have you and your partner decided to have a child? Then we have 9 tips for you on how to do it as fast as possible. On average, only four months pass before a woman becomes pregnant, but some couples even wait years. If you pay attention to the following points, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Your weight
If you are severely overweight, you should try to lose weight as fast as possible, because body fat reduces the production of individual hormones, which are important for fertilization. But even excessive exercise is not conducive because it can confuse the cycle and increase the risk of miscarriage. It applies as always: with measure and goal! nutrition
You should eat a lot of green and leafy vegetables, because it regulates the cycle. You can also take folic acid and possibly supplements. Even a detox cure can increase your fertility. We already have an expert interview with Dr. Ing. Winkler: Pregnant thanks to detox!

Also try to get an orgasm during sex. This will make you moister and the sperm can swim more easily inside. In addition, the uterus contracts orgasm in pulsating movements, helping to move the sperm in the right direction. position
Also, the position during sex can influence the chances of fertilization. Doggie, missionary, and spoon position are the best, because the sperm does not flow back as in for example in the riding position. lubricant
For vaginal dryness, be sure to use a lubricant. Sperm have little chance of surviving when you are dry. Make sure, however, that the lubricant does not contain any substances that kill the spermatozoon! Your gynecologist can educate you about it. Sex every other day
If you have sex with your partner every two days, the sperm quality is increased. If a man is too often ejaculated to contain less semen in the semen, he ejaculates too rarely, the semen quality decreases. Give up cigarettes
Stop smoking! Nicotine contains toxins that are responsible for the aging of your eggs. It's best to stop immediately – once you're pregnant, you should anyway! And the alcohol consumption should be limited to a maximum of 3 alcoholic drinks per week. " The time until the onset of pregnancy is significantly delayed and the risk of miscarriage increases with excessive alcohol consumption," says the head of the Fertility Center Goldenes Kreuz Heinz Strohmer. Mental health
Make sure you do things in your everyday life that are less stressful. If you feel pressured or even depressed, talk to your partner and doctor about it! No diet products
Drinking whole milk and eating ice cream is better for women who want to get pregnant than a diet with lean milk and lean yogurt. With a lean diet, the risk of infertility seems to be increasing.