Causes of tiredness – expert interview

If we are tired during the day, that can massively affect our quality of life. We fight with the last hours in front of the computer and could fall asleep right in the office. It's a fight … But this fight can be won quickly if you change only a few things in life. Dr. Elisabeth Winkler ( knows exactly the causes of tiredness. "Often it's small things like the amount of drink that changes your whole life," says Dr. Winkler. She gives us tips on how to get fit in everyday life!

Qualitative sleep

Lack of sleep is an obvious cause of tiredness. An adult human needs about 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. If we sleep for a long time about 5 – 6 hours, then we are advised by the insufficient regeneration time in a lack of energy.
And even sleep alone is not enough – restorative sleep must be of good quality. That's why we need a bed in which the body comes to a relaxed position. Because what do we have when we wake up in the morning with back pain?
The bedding is also important for the quality of sleep, as it should allow the skin to breathe, otherwise nocturnal sweating will affect our sleep. The room temperature in the bedroom should be about 18 – C and the room must be well ventilated, so that a lot of oxygen comes in.
ATTENTION: Please turn off the TV. The horror scenes of the nocturnal thrillers fall into our subconscious uncontrolled during sleep.


Even if we sleep enough, a lack of rest can lead to fatigue. Twelve hours work, then sports, then with the friends in the pub … On Saturday a shopping trip, in the evening a vernissage, on Sunday in the climbing gym and then cook for friends. Great! We have a lot to talk about. But not only our body, our mind needs peace.

Sunlight and movement

We creatures of the 21st century are often in closed spaces. We need to get out more to recharge oxygen and light. Oxygen is the fuel of the cell. Too little oxygen makes every single cell fatigued. Muscles get tired, making it difficult to think. In lack of light, our body and mind goes into energy-saving mode. Due to too little sun, we produce too little vitamin D and this deficiency can also cause tiredness.
Bright light stimulates serotonin production. And serotonin is known to be a happiness hormone – so get out into the light with it as often as you can!
And exercise also boosts the circulation and makes you happy. Now some may ask, "But how is one to move when one feels completely weak and limp?". The answer: magnesium and potassium. Exactly this mineral deficiency makes tired muscles fit again. If we suffer from a defect, we feel as if our legs are made of lead and even the subway staircase becomes hell. The deficiency affects not only our arms and legs but also the muscles of our intestinal walls. The result is constipation.
But you do not have to resort to magnesium supplements right away. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, millet and brown rice also contain plenty of magnesium.
We source potassium from bananas, avocados, potatoes and spinach.

Drink, drink, drink

The easiest to correct is the lack of water. Without enough water, we just can not get up to speed. AND – you can learn to thirst!

No ready meals

If we eat mainly from foods that last half a year, then we can not expect them to be invigorating. Vitamin deficiency is best remedied by lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Monotony makes you tired

Do something new, bring variety into your life. Studies, you can already change something if you take a different route every day.

That makes us fit!

To feel fit and alive, we often only need sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, pure water, clean air and warm sunbeams. In spite of exercise in the open air, despite sufficient hydration, despite sufficient sleep, if you still feel tired and slack, then you should go to your doctor and have yourself examined. Because hidden food intolerances can, for example, also lead to tiredness.

Dr. Elisabeth Winkler – Expert for Detoxification Cures Interview with Dr. med. Elisabeth Winkler on intestinal rehabilitation