Hot breakfast is healthy!

Soul Cooking Philosophy

One of the main pillars of the Soul Cooking philosophy is the hot breakfast. But for many people, having a hot breakfast is no more than an occasional soft egg or egg dish, which is why we asked nutrition coach Andrea Sojka: Why is a hot breakfast so important? "Having a hot breakfast helps us make the most of our energy, reduces the cravings and afternoon tempo in the long run."

Strengthening the organs

In traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM for short, it is believed that every organ in the body must be in balance to feel healthy and fit. In this context, the spleen or the middle of the digestive system is of particular importance, as it ensures a smooth digestion.
In order to always feel energized and vital, it is very important to support the spleen in their work and thus to strengthen the entire middle, ie stomach / intestine / digestion. The spleen is best supported if you eat 3 warm meals a day. But the most important meal for a special sense of well-being is the breakfast.

Delicious tofu stir-fry! (c) Soul Cooking

No cravings

A breakfast made of cooked cereals (oatmeal, spelled, millet, quinoa, amaranth, ..) and eg stewed fruit ensures that the spleen and the entire digestive tract get going in the morning – that makes you feel full and satisfied, but not full and you start with energy in a new day. After a "traditional" breakfast, so Semmerl & Co, you are often quite soon hungry again, often right cravings, especially on sweets and in the afternoon then often comes the big break. Our digestive tract functions like an oven, gives it cold food, it has to be laboriously processed, it costs a lot of energy, but it gets warm food, it can be used immediately and all the energy that the digestive tract does not need, is ours available.


Andrea has provided us with 3 recipes for a healthy, hot breakfast. They are easy to prepare and super delicious! Here's the recipes: recipes hot breakfast!