Boost fat burning!

Running five minutes a day strengthens your cardiovascular system and extends your life expectancy by three years on average. A fantastic info – but unfortunately most people are not only training for permanent health, but above all for fat reduction. Also endurance sports such as running or cycling are the perfect fat burners. But just trotting is not enough to boost fat burning. A crucial role is played by the pulse. Fat burning: The pulse range is crucial! The fact is: only by eating well health improves your general condition – the love handles melt it but not yet. For this you have to get moving and stimulate the burning of fat through sport. The reason: a well-trained person can tap the fat reserves much better. Energy sources such as carbohydrates and fats can be better processed by a good fat metabolism, but you do not lose weight automatically. If your body's lipid metabolism works well, then it increases your potential. For this you have to train in the basic area. The pulse should be between 65 to 75 percent of the maximum heart rate. Without heart rate watch is so nothing. And: You should at least complete 40 – 50 percent of your training or workouts in the fat metabolism area. Because your body has a memory – and in this way it learns how to optimally use its energy reserves. This then has a lasting effect on your fat burning and your weight. Stimulate the metabolism with training You can stimulate the fat metabolism even more by two small tricks. Before training, for example: NOTHING MORE EAT. Of course, this only applies if you do not have an intensive program lasting several hours ahead of you. Then namely low blood sugar threatens. The second professional tip: Just before the workout drink a cup of coffee. Afterwards a 30- to 40-minute endurance training is the optimal fat metabolism training according to sports doctors.