20 sports tips for healthy weight loss

Cycling, inline skating, running – that sounds like drag, sweat and exhaustion. But that's not the case, once you start a workout, you can not imagine life without it. Here are 20 tips on how to overcome the inner bastard (which is never bigger than at the beginning of an active life). And do not forget: this is the only way to lose weight! 1. Increase slowly! No matter which sport you choose to do: Increase one of the training parameters for each sport unit. In weight training, an extra repetition or a minute longer endurance training. The increase also increases energy consumption! 2. Motivating. Imagine your body as a rough diamond and yourself as a jeweler who determines the look of the end product. Not every little step may be immediately visible – but it will take you to your destination. 3. Nordic Walking. Ideal for sports beginners, because the intensity can be easily determined by yourself. Walking is ideal, especially for the overweight, as there is no need for heavy joint loads, as in running. And: not only the cardiovascular system is strengthened, from the right pole use also benefits the support muscles. 4. Right equipment. Badly fitting or even the wrong equipment can ruin the fun of the sport. Important: Good advice when shopping! 5. Rest periods! To do sports seven times a week does not make sense. Because the body also needs some rest. These breaks should be taken as seriously as the training. Only a regenerated body is fully capable. 6. weather capers? From now on there is no bad weather in your life for sports. Also wear winter-proof clothing or change to a gym for the bad seasons. 7. Active on vacation. Do not forget your well-earned holiday on your training. Finally, the principle of regularity applies. And: there are always alternatives – from the aqua gym in the pool to the ergometer in the ski hotel. 8. Fixed dates. Instead of sporadic training, you prefer to enter fixed dates in your calendar – and treat them as important as any other professional appointments! 9. Tables to help. Distribute motivational and exercise boards in your environment. For example, at the bathroom mirror "20 squats!", Which you read each time you run. This makes it easier to change your lifestyle. 10. Sauna & Co. Treat yourself to rest and relaxation more often a visit to the sauna or steam room. The immune system is strengthened, supports the purification and stimulates the metabolism. 11. Pure nature. A walk, Nordic walking or cycling – exercise in the fresh air is good for body, mind and soul, even when the wind whistles around the ears. But: pay attention to the right clothes! 12. Sport together. "Shared suffering is half suffering" – folk wisdom with a true core. Search for people with whom you train together. That motivates and is often more successful. 13. Fun factor counts. Choose a sport that will give you pleasure. Because only what is fun brings in the long run the desired success and can be integrated into everyday life. 14. climb stairs! Integrate constant movement in your everyday life. Go up instead of escalator and lift! And: Get off one stop earlier and get the rest going. Every step counts. 15. Rewards. After a hard day of training spoil your feet, they are the foundation of the body. Treat yourself to a foot bath, massage your toes and apply a cooling gel. That relaxes and brings joy! 16. Good mood. Bring yourself in the mood for fresh air. Studies show that "moving" people are less likely to be in a bad mood than others. Tell yourself before each training session for which you lack the motivation: "I want to have a good mood …". It actually works. 17. Healthy sleep. More exercise burns more calories when lying down, as the basal metabolic rate increases. A calm conscience is also a good pillow … 18. Optimal pace. Fat is best burned when enough oxygen is used in the blood. A heart rate monitor indicates the optimal training tempo. If there is no watch, make sure that you can talk while exercising. That's not how you train too hard. 19. Shake it. Swing the dance leg again. Salsa or clubbing. You can burn many calories – up to 600 per hour! 20. Prevent. Not motivated enough yet? Then consider that overweight, bad diet and lack of exercise harm your health. In recent years, this is not noticeable, but the bill is unfortunately served in old age ….