Challenge: 1 week no sugar

A packet of Toffifee in the evening or half a glass of Nutella? No problem for me. When I make myself comfortable in the evening at the sofa, I like to lose myself in chocolate and forget about time and space. Not good. Especially not good for my skin. As a 28-year-old with lactose intolerance even worse … Since my skin has deteriorated in the last year but totally, I finally wanted to change something. Is it really the candies that I stuff into myself or is there anything else to blame for the blemishes? I skipped sugar for a week to see if anything changed. For many, maybe a breeze, but for me a real challenge! Allowed were: fresh fruits, potatoes, cereals, honey
Prohibited were: sugar, chocolate, all sweets, products that contain sugar such as ready meals, sweetened yogurt or jam

day 1

I get a four-euro coffee on my way to the office and he does not taste it because he does not like sugar without it. This challenge annoys me already … 16 clock: I'm soooo lust for chocolate – at the time I always have a day low and need urgently SUGAR. Instead, I drink liters of coconut water into me. I love coconut water!

day 2

I'm invited to a party in the evening and there are donuts. Really many donuts in different colors and so …: (((I hold out, do not eat and be pitied by my friends.

Day 3

I have no milk in the house and I really need coffee. Normally, I would drink an espresso with a spoonful of sugar now. Black coffee? Does not work. Then I drink herbal tea …

Day 4

During a WOMAN TV shoot, I accidentally order a piece of plum cake during the break. As he stands in front of me, Lisa reminds me of my challenge and I like this: "Crap shit!" She eats the cake for me – love her …

Day 5

Today I am alone at home and make myself comfortable in pajamas on the couch. Usually there are always chocolate cookies, a cupcake or something sweet in my love movies. Alone at home without candies ?? That makes me depressed … I eat a pack of popcorn …

Day 6

I have a serious mistake … I go shopping hungry and there ends up a pack of foam cups in the shopping cart. I just forget about my Candie break and eat the delicious cup. At the first bite I register what I did – but then I think: "Throw away now is a pity too." I dork. I did not make the challenge 🙁 (Ps: The foam cup tasted totally divine.)

Day 7

I have a cold and have zero desire for something sweet … right now I just want hot lemon and sleep. Did I become ill because of the Candie break?


However, sugar was not forbidden fructose. As a result, I've been eating more fruit this week. In the evening 's then just instead of chocolate a yogurt with blueberries and nuts. In the afternoon, when the strong demand for sugar came up in the office, I first drank a big glass of water and then ate a banana. It is so well with alternatives! Since the alternatives were healthy, I got a lot healthier this week than usual and drank more tea and water. My skin actually changed after 7 days. It has become much smoother and cleaner. I am sure that this effect is also related to my improved digestion. In sweets Lactose is often buried and I do not tolerate it at all. Fat and sugar are also bad for the intestine. And as we know, if the gut goes well, it's good for the skin! I will continue to refrain from snacking and treat myself to a cake or an ice cream every now and then. I'm just a lot better physically!