MANDU: The 15-minute workout

It sounds like it's too good to be true: Exercise 15 minutes once a week, and nothing stands in the way of a crunchy body. Thomas Kern is weakening: "You can not dream of an egg-laying woolly milchau", he is a MANDU Premium Coach and operates two stores in Linz a workout where you are literally wired. "Through electrical impulses, the deep muscles are addressed during various exercises ", Explains the 29-year-old. The training serves to build up the muscles. The goal is not Arnie body, but a well-defined body. "60 percent healthy nutrition and the rest a mix of stamina and muscle building are the perfect combination for a great body," says Kern.The MANDU.-Training Exercises using electrical impulses come from physiotherapy.The knowledge of this makes MANDU (means : motion, alive, natural, dimension, ultimate), which was founded by Toni Klein, and uses natural weights to move around without any additional weights, always with a personal coach who performs the exercises and corrects any mistakes that make up the lifestyle workout "I have felt after six weeks that something changes," says Doris Nentwich. The journalist, presenter and spokeswoman has a tight schedule and describes herself as a sporty muffle. "When I heard that fifteen minutes was enough to build muscle, I was skeptical at first," she says, but the extreme soreness after the first session convinced her that there was something in it, she laughs and after a few weeks she heard from trainer Thomas Kern that the thigh cuffs were already too small. "Here's the only place I want to hear that I'm a little too small," laughs Doris. The super-slim 31-year-old has not only defined muscles, but also got her back pain under control. The personal training program There is no room for excuses in the new flagship store in Linz's Old Town. Try it yourself here is the motto! The clothes and towels you get on site. Even shower gel and shampoo for after are ready. So there's no way around getting yourself electrified. The jacket and the electrodes (cuffs) are individually adjusted. Before that, a full body check is performed. And then the personal training program is discontinued: Thomas Kern does not leave it with the slightly tingling sensation. "You can really feel that," he grins, and then it starts, the body is stimulated every four seconds, and after just two minutes, small beads of sweat have turned into raging streams, after 7 Ѕ minutes the obligatory drinking break, then again Exercises for the abdomen, legs, arms and buttocks After 15 minutes not only training but also physical fitness is over and the following days you spend with a suitable animal: a full- blown muscle soreness MANDU-Facts The Method Comes from the Physiotherapy The training outfit: Practical : During training, you do not need to bring any clothes or shoes, you will get everything provided on site, including the towel Regeneration: Once a week, 15 minutes will be enough for the training The body needs three to four days to recover Training: By appointment in the store of his choice, the personal trainer is ready to help with the pouring out. More information and locations at