Adieu headache – without a pill

The skull is hammering, pounding and pulling: headache. There is hardly anyone who has not had the dubious pleasure of getting to know him. Unfortunately, women are twice as likely to be affected as men. In response, you usually resort to a small tablet. But sometimes it may not be within reach, and there are equally effective alternatives to chemistry. Most of all, it is natural for us, the pain would never appear at all. Therefore, it is advisable to rely on a balanced diet, to avoid nicotine and to enjoy alcohol only in moderation and to practice endurance sports in the fresh air. But if the headache is there, then the following can help: Drink water: One to two glasses of water are often enough to eliminate headaches. For if we drink too little, our brain "protests" against the lack of fluid. If the blood becomes "thicker", the oxygen supply in the brain also suffers and you can feel it. Therefore, always make sure to drink two liters of liquid per day – preferably water. Chewing cloves: The old home remedy has an anti-pain effect. Acupressure: Press gently for three minutes on the middle of the nose, in the cow behind the ears, the earlobe or in the middle over the eyebrows. Relax: If stress or strain is the cause, you should at least briefly distance yourself from it. Concentrating can not be painful anyway! A short walk, a long look out the window or a short conversation with a colleague can help. A double espresso: The coffee break sometimes helps twice – it relaxes and the caffeine can block the body's transmission of pain. Peppermint oil: The essential oils of peppermint oil can help with tension headaches. It is best to put a few drops on the fingers and then gently massage on the temples and forehead. Massage: Of course it is most beautiful when someone else massages us – because thanks to the touch even happiness hormones are released, which can relieve the pain. But you can also lend a hand yourself: simply circularly move your fingers – with pressure according to your own well-being – over the forehead and the temples, possibly with the acupressure points (see above). Warmth: Heat relaxes the muscles and dissolves even tensing hair. A heated nursing pillow in the neck, warming hands, a warm shower or a hair dryer can provide relief. Tension exercises: Place your hands on the forehead with light pressure and then press the head against the palms of your hands. Now count slowly to 10. Now fold your hands at the back of the head and push in the other direction against it, counting slowly back to 10. Mini-Gymnastics: Relax your shoulders and tilt your head slowly to the side as far as you come. Perform on the other side as well and repeat 5-6 times. Loosening exercises of the extremities also relieve the spine. However, if the headache does not improve with all the attempts, then only the grip on the painkiller will help. However, this should happen a maximum of 7 days a month and never more than 3 days in a row. If the pain is more protracted, be sure to consult a doctor!