Info: Lip injections

You do not talk about it, but: Do you also find your lips too narrow? Or a little too wrinkled? A little more volume, a little more sulking at the mouth, that would be something. You do not stand alone with this desire. "For several years, the demand for lip injections has increased significantly," says the Plastic Surgeon. Thomas Aigner. Especially since the results of natural and the injection was affordable. To better cope with the onslaught, he recently opened a second branch of his ordination ( in the Vienna Lugner City. There is no specific target group. "The clients range from young girls to older ladies," explains dermatologist Dr. med. Sabine Schwarz ( But what exactly do you have to pay attention to during the procedure, and above all, what happens when things go wrong? Are defined. Three parts make up the lip: the lip body, which is the reddish part, which we commonly refer to as the lip, the lip border that limits this part, and the upper and lower lip outside. "With age, the edge of the lip frayed by natural loss of volume or cold sores, filling it up again makes for a very soft accentuation and smoothes the wrinkles all around," explains Dr. med. Black. Then the lip body is filled, either only in the middle, at the lip heart, or up to the edges, depending on the desired volume. Filler are various hyaluronic acids. Less liquid preparations bring a more natural result, but do not last as long. After 6 to 8 months, the body has broken down. With much volume buildup, a thicker product is used. The lips are a little harder, but they last up to a year. Trendsetting. "Especially young women are coming in. They want to increase the actual state, these are the bulging, so-called Kylie-Jenner-Lips." You can also see that something has been done. "Older ladies would rather restore the past state," says Aigner , A current trend is the "Da Vinci" lips. These are enlarged in perfect proportion to each other, similar to the golden section in architecture. "But that's just a marketing name for something that should be self-evident: that the lip fits perfectly in the face, and for a specific idea it makes sense to bring a photo," said Schwarz. "Then you discuss whether that is possible." For severe wrinkles, Black likes to combine the injection with highly diluted Botox to reduce facial expression and drooping corners of the mouth. In addition, she pulls thin threads in the upper lip. This is how your own collagen builds up. Painful. By the way, it is not completely painless. The lip is extremely sensitive. Black therefore recommends an anesthetic like the dentist. This increases the swelling a bit. Aigner prefers to work with anesthetic creams or painkillers in hyaluronic acid. This brings less swelling, but no complete freedom from pain. Generally you have to expect a few days with swelling. This can also lead to the infamous "duckbill", because the lips protrude slightly. "That's just a snapshot," says Aigner. "If the swelling subsided after three to four days, the lips have the desired shape." Incidentally, the model duckbill as a desire mouth has hardly ever existed in our latitudes, in contrast to the USA. Meanwhile, it is almost only an unintended result. If it goes wrong … If too much volume is injected, you can inject hyaluronidase. This enzyme dissolves the filler again. If the volume is just a bit too much, Schwarz recommends a treatment with radiofrequency or targeted massage. The resulting heat ensures that the excess material degrades faster.