How often do you have to train before seeing results?

We know how you are. Because we are the same. Of course we go to the gym because we want to live healthy. Logo. But the main engine remains vanity. The butt should walk through the workout again half a centimeter higher, the dents in the thigh disappear a bit and the little Wamperl – if it were gone, then we would have little to suspend. Do we show patience in the sweaty self-optimization? Of course not. We want results, and preferably after the third visit to the torture chamber disguised as a gym. So the big question is: when you do sports, how fast do you get first results?

When to see the first results of your workout program

According to a study by the University of Texas Southwestern, you need to train at least three times, better still, five times a week for the first month to show after one month. Benjamine Levine, author of the study: "It has been shown that less is the length of the workout, if you want to tighten the body and improve the heart health." The regularity is crucial. " So instead of sweating for an hour on the treadmill once a week and then for another hour in the power chamber, you should spread your training to shorter but more varied units. Then you see better results faster. The optimal training plan looks like this for the researchers:

  • Monday: cycling and upper body workout like weightlifting
  • Tuesday: Yoga and resistance exercises like squats
  • Wednesday: running and upper body workout like bench press
  • Thursday: closed
  • Friday: Boxing and lower body resistance training