Motivation: Sport is not a murder!

In theory, I'm one of the fittest people in the world. I know exactly how many calories you burn while swimming, which exercises tighten my buttocks and what is hidden behind fascia training. Unfortunately, it usually stays with the theory. Because in truth, I rarely make it up from the couch. Especially after a long day at the office, the point is more for a run to the fridge than for the door. But a few weeks ago I took it seriously again, the thing with the sport. And lo and behold: I manage to defeat the stupid pig more often. Here are the 7 tips that work well for me: It needs a goal. And that must not just be Larifari. Only those who have clearly defined their goals can fight for them and overcome thirsty stretches when they reach them. Am I right? So it's not enough when I say, "I want to get fitter." Instead, I set myself a specific goal: "I do not want more gasp when I run a few meters behind the tram." Or weight goals are of course always suitable. Minus 4 kilos – you can work towards that. I wrote down these goals and pinned them to my fridge. So I always have them in mind. And then it needs a plan. How do I want to reach the goal? For that I have created a plan. It was important that I did not take too big steps, but I love working in small steps. Why? Because they are easier to implement. So I have defined intermediate goals. For example, if someone has set himself the goal of losing 7 kg in 3 months, then he should set intermediate goals. The first intermediate goal would be, for example, to lose 3 kilos in the first month. The second intermediate goal would be to lose another 2 kilos in the second month. And in the third month to lose another 2 kilos. What you have to consider when planning:

  • How many times per week can I train realistically?
  • On which days do I plan my training – and when?
  • Will I also change my diet? What should I eat, what must I reduce?
  • In between, I will watch motivational videos or photos to push myself again and again.
  • It takes a cheat day where everything is allowed. Which day would I like to spend here?
  • How do I reward myself when I finally reach my goal?

Not to be underestimated: the reward. Of course, achieving your goal is a reward. I mean: minus 7 kilos, that's phenomenal. But nevertheless I have promised an additional reward: I will go with friends three days to Copenhagen. Why? The view is an insanity motivation, I know that I'll enjoy my sense of achievement even more then. The girls are informed that we only ride when I have mastered my challenge. Now it takes the right sport. That's crucial! Because if you find running horribly boring, then it will not be far from the motivation. Maybe you like group training better than jumping through nature alone. Or you vary when you get bored quickly. One Day Crossfit, One Day Swimming, One Day Yoga. Get partners in the boat. Motivate your friend to meet the challenge with you. So you can cheer each other when the bastard becomes overpowering. After all, you feel obliged to the other. But above all, it's really more fun!

Off to the door. Fresh air gives fresh energy. Even if you work out in the gym most of the time, because you have a fixed group there: now and then your sports program should chase you out. Recharge oxygen and sun, these are the best impulses for the production of the happiness hormone serotonin. Feelings of happiness = motivation. Music, music, music. Imagine, you're just running through the morning sun. And from the headphones penetrates your absolute favorite song. Is not that pure luck? I think so. I always notice how music drives me, gives me energy. That's why I put together a track list of my best sports music, which I play either via the YouTube list in the gym or when running outdoors.