Strength Training: The workout you should do urgently

Yes, I have it in the back of my mind. The myth that strength training inevitably mutates into an Arnold Schwarzenegger copy, builds massive muckis and no longer looks feminine at all. Which is why I have always left out of strength training and prefer to rely on cardio and stretching. Only: it is actually a myth alone. Unless you're just feeding more protein food and training like an extreme bodybuilder. Just lifting weights will not turn you into "The Rock", especially since we women usually do not have the share of anabolic hormones (such as testosterone) to build up such huge muscle mountains. Time, therefore, to reduce the fear of strength training. Instead, here's 5 good reasons why you should lift weights in addition to your other workout:

5 reasons: So good is strength training for women

YOU BURN MORE GREASE. Of course, endurance training is great – but if you add weight training to your workout on some days, you'll burn more fat as well. Studies have shown that while Cardio builds muscle, it helps reduce body fat through training. Which leads us to point 2 … YOU IMPROVE YOUR METABOLISM. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn even when you're resting. Seriously. Even a loss of more than three kilos of muscle means a reduction of the basic energy turnover by about 100 calories per day. The logical consequence of a decreasing energy demand with constant energy input: You are assuming that your body fat percentage is increasing. With two to three strength workouts a week, you are on the safe side. YOUR LAUNCH IS BETTER. Yes, workout results in endorphin output – and endorphins make you happy. This is generally true. However, this study has shown that strength training has even more impact on physical health than endurance sports. One experiment showed that the mental strength of anxiety patients had improved dramatically after six weeks of strength training. They were less anxious and generally happier. YOUR BLOOD SUGAR VALUES ARE IN SHOT. Your body has two types of muscles: red and white. People who do more strength training have a higher percentage of white muscle, and endurance athletes are more red. How is this related to your blood sugar? University of Michigan scientists found that white muscle regulates your blood glucose levels. YOU FEEL UNBEATIBLE. Hahaha! Indeed! A few "Dead Lifts" make you feel "Wonder Woman". Your body gets stronger – and you do not only feel it physically, but also mentally. Believe me! VIDEO: This is how you burn fat with yoga