The surprisingly simple tip for your fitness!

How do we stay healthy and fit, even if we lack money or time for the gym? That's one of the big questions we keep asking ourselves – and celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak has finally answered for us. He works with stars like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, whom he trains fit for the stage. So, of course, we were all ears as this Capaver told footwear news magazine "Fitness & Health": "The key is to stay on the move, with 12,000 steps a day."

12,000 steps a day for a fitter life

According to Pasternak, we went too far with our fitness fixation. S10 body fat workout or other extreme programs are, so the Celeb coach, only something for competitive athletes. "I train 50 of the highest performing and fittest bodies in the world and no one has to do such a tough workout." He recommends buying a pedometer and looking for the recommended number of 12,000 steps. "Get off the last stop and walk it, take a walk in the evening, take the stairs instead of the lift." In his opinion, the way to more fitness begins even with small steps … Ha! We join this movement promptly.