WOMAN tests: Instant Thigh Lift

Everything has to go immediately and immediately – wait 6 months until you see results during a fitness training – no, thank you! Among other things, this should be the recipe for success of cosmetic surgery – but also of some amazing offers on shopping channels. We have tested one of these offers: The "Instant Thigh Lift" (also available via Amazon) promises, for example, tight thighs in seconds! As? With an invisible adhesive strip, which sticks the skin upwards to make the surface look smoother and more streamlined.

Eight slides can be found in a package for 8.99 йo – these can only be used once, then the glue stops. The application is relatively simple and is explained in detail in picture and word. The adhesive film is glued up to half on the corresponding skin site and smoothed, then the skin is pulled upwards with the other half of the adhesive to produce the firming effect. If the desired lifting is visible, the tape is also painted firmly. Most likely, each tape would have a similar effect – but the Thigh Lift keeps relatively well on the skin and does not dissolve so quickly.
However, the tape is not really invisible, so the strip should be placed so that it disappears under the hem of the skirt. Nevertheless, I do not feel super sports or like a super model – even if a certain tightening is undeniable. However, this tension also makes me uncomfortable when walking and sitting down. When working while sitting I even have a slight numbness after a while. And so the experiment ends quickly: Losing weight proves to be relatively easy – I had tested the film only for 1 hour – and pulls only a bit if hairs are underneath. Our conclusion: a gag. Sport is definitely more effective and just more lasting! Because the effect can be achieved with the Thigh Lift in seconds, but loses it in exactly the same time.