Bodyform turns the menstrual lie into a youtube sensation

Almost 3 million clicks can be seen in the YouTube video by the hygiene company Bodyform, which comments with wit and irony on why banners and tampons advertisements are set on distorted reality. What's behind the video? The menstrual lie On October 8, Richard Neill left a comment on the Facebook page of Bodyform, which received almost 100,000 likes from Facebook users in no time. Content of the commentary was a critical – and quite humorous – sideswipe against the false representations of female menstruation, which would be conveyed by binding ads to men. Among other things, it is said that as a boy he would have always envied the girls that they could easily do extreme sports and other leisure activities at a certain time of the month, and always with a smile on their face. Later he would have realized that the commercials are not the truth – rather, his girlfriend would turn days into the little girl from "The Exorcist". With humor against satire Bodyform imagines what some companies can cut off a slice: The satirical posting was answered with a YouTube clip that draws ironically and humor the disappointment of men in view of the menstrual reality through the cocoa. The video conveys why it is not a very good idea to realistically illustrate the topic of menstrual bleeding in the media. Predicate: extremely worth seeing, see for yourself!