Everything for the travel pharmacy

Basic equipment. A cut on the foot or abrasions are not uncommon during the holidays. The basic equipment of the "First Aid Box" therefore always includes disinfectants, bandages, ointment, tweezers, scissors, patches, elastic bandage and a clinical thermometer. And do not forget about a antipyretic and analgesic drug like Parkemed or Ibuprofen. Travel sickness. First aid in case of travel sickness is provided by travel gum chewing gum or the active substance metoclopramide (Paspertin drops). Those who prefer to use homeopathic remedies should try Nux Vomica (Brechnuss seed). Travelers who suffer from low blood pressure can always have circulatory drops (such as Effortil). Digestion. Foreign foods often have unpleasant consequences in terms of digestion. To prevent diarrhea and constipation, among other things, the dietary supplement omnibiotic (for example Omni-Biotic travel of Allergosan). Acute diarrhea in turn stop medicines with the active ingredient loperamide (Imodium acute and Enterobene). Even homeopathy has a very effective remedy for gastrointestinal inflammation: Okoubaka. Also top: Swedish bitters. Skin. Hours of roasting in the sun damages our skin. Therefore: use sunscreen with a high SPF (at least 30). If it comes to a sunburn, help Aloe Vera gel or Bepanthen cream. Products containing propolis (bee resin) are also effective. Even against reactions to insect bites one should be prepared: The Decoderm cream, for example, relieves itching and burning. You should definitely pack these medicines. Disinfection. For cleaning wounds, a spray such as Octenisept is suitable.
Insect bites. Decoderm cream (prescription) relieves itching in allergic reactions.
Eye drop. Helps with conjunctivitis: Okuzell.
Nausea. Paspertin drops (prescription) are effective against stomach upset.
Antiallergic agent. Indispensable for hay fever are Zyrtec tablets (prescription).
Constipation. Magnosolv powder stimulates intestinal activity.
Circulation. As fast helpers with low blood pressure prove Effortil drops (prescription).
Plaster. For small wounds Hansaplast, for larger Leukoplast for the correct fastening of dressing material.
Sore cream. Bepanthen Plus Cream disinfects and has a cooling effect on sunburn.
Gelsenkirchen protection. With the Nobite Spray, gels and mosquitoes are expertly repelled.
Earplugs. Ohropax provide for peaceful nights.
Elastic bandage. Savior in distress with sprains.
Dressing material. Compresses and a bandana are mandatory.
Intestinal regulation. Omnibiotic powder supplies the intestine with important bacterial strains.
Pain. Antipyretic analgesics such as Parkemed (prescription) are a must.
Sore throat. Lemocin lozenges call for inflammation of the mouth and throat.
Travel sickness. Travel Gum chewing gum prevents nausea and vomiting when traveling.
To cough. Broncho-stop pastilles dampen the coughing stimulus with thymic herb and marshmallow root.
Stomach cramps. Buscopan pills (prescription) have an antispasmodic effect.
Sleeping pills. For severe sleep disorders, Halcion tablets (prescription). Take only for a short time!
Diarrhea. Enterobene pills stop acute and chronic diarrhea.
Equipment. Tweezers, scissors and fever thermometer should not be missing in any travel pharmacy.