Dangerous trend: Clean the vagina with cucumber

The "Yoni Cucumber Cleanse" should be the release of all vaginal problems. More and more vloggers and influencers seem to jump on the trend and report in their videos of the miracle cure. The cleaning of the vagina with a cucumber would not only provide a fresh smell, but strengthen the vaginal flora and detoxify and even protect against venereal diseases. So so! Why have not we been on it earlier? Unfortunately, the trend is so widespread that gynecologists and health experts to speak up to keep your hands off. In a blog post, the American gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter: "Apparently some women peel cucumbers, introduce them vaginally, and leave them on for up to 20 minutes to refresh, clean or rinse their vagina. VAGINAS ARE NOT DIRTY! And yes, I wrote it all in capital letters because I'm screaming with rage! "

Why is the trend dangerous?

On the one hand, vaginas clean themselves and on the other hand, vaginas are not dirty, making this trend simply meaningless and dangerous at the same time. In the worst case, it can lead to a bladder rupture. The crack in the urinary bladder wall is usually the result of external trauma. So congratulations! Furthermore, one can catch a bacterial vaginosis, a bacilli infection caused by various fungi and bacteria on the surface of the cucumbers. So instead of cleaning the vagina, they disturb the pH and attack the vaginal flora. More and more studies are the same. Shower gels, pH neutral soaps and any home remedies do not cleanse vaginas, but can cause significant damage and disrupt the vaginal flora.

How else can you cleanse the vagina?

With water! The vaginal flora regulates itself.


Stay away from the cucumbers! Unless, of course, you want to eat them.