Does the toothbrush protect you from breast cancer?

We take care of our teeth very thoroughly – and we expect you to do that as well. Nevertheless, we will now pay a little more attention to the health of our biter than before. For doctors of the American University of Buffalo proved that there is a close connection between gingivitis and the risk of developing breast cancer. For the study, the researchers accompanied over 73,000 women who had already passed the menopause for over six years and evaluated their health data. Connection between breast cancer and gingivitis? It showed that even taking into account factors such as age, weight and smoking status breast cancer in women with chronic gingivitis was eleven percent more common. Jo Freudenheim, director of the study published in the journal "Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention": "However, it is not entirely clear if there is a direct causal link between chronic gingivitis and breast cancer, it is quite possible that there will be one more third factor that favors both. " In any case, gingivitis indicates an inflammatory reaction in the body. Freudenheim: "And inflammations are linked to a number of cancers, strokes and heart disease, so it could be that a chronic inflammation triggers both." And even if a causal relationship is not established … we immediately grab our toothbrush and massage our gums are healthy!