Our favorite home remedies

Radish juice for coughing Black radish has a disinfectant effect on the contained sulfur oils and soothes the respiratory tract. To do so, hollow out the radish and add honey. After four to five hours, empty the juice and drink two small glasses daily. Peppermint oil for headache The essential oils of mint relieve headaches, causing a feeling of coldness on the skin. As a result, the muscles relax in the forehead and neck area, blood circulation is stimulated. If necessary, put a few drops on the temples. Vinegar-Patscherl against fever Vinegar also has an anti-inflammatory and cooling effect. Put about four tablespoons of vinegar in a pot of water. Then dip a cloth into it, wring it out and wrap it around your feet and lower legs. Then put on thick socks and put to bed. Remove after 20 minutes Patscherl again and renew if necessary. Inhalation for cold To inhale, add a few teaspoons of salt to boiling hot water and keep your head over it. A cloth over the head ensures that the moisture remains and clears the mucous membranes. Tip: Do not make camomile inhalations, as these would dry out the mucous membranes additionally. Krenketterl against fever Cut a krenwurzel into one centimeter thick slices, thread on a line and give around the neck. Only lose weight when the discs are dry (usually takes one day). The essential oil is supposed to lower the fever. Ginger tea for prevention Peel five inches of ginger root and cut into small pieces. Pour with a liter of boiling water. Allow to cool slightly. Then squeeze out a whole lemon, plus a tablespoon of honey. Drink throughout the day.