Stress let up! Relax tips in everyday life

Stress has become a constant companion for many of us. Above all, because the triggers for stress are very diverse. The three main reasons why stress arises are permanent lack of time, overburdening at work and everyday life or difficulties in interpersonal relationships.

The top 3 stress factors: lack of time, occupation, partnership. But there are also other triggers of stress symptoms such as ongoing noise, overstimulation, too little sleep, poor diet, diet or starvation, or even the constant under-demanding at work. All of this stresses the body enormously and makes us feel helpless, stressed, frustrated and unhappy.
The main symptoms of stress are: Faster heart rate, rising blood pressure, accelerated breathing and tight muscles.

Stress burdens and sometimes overwhelms us! Anti-stress tips
1. Pause.
2. Looking for private retreats. Each of us needs a break and you should enjoy it alone, only with yourself.
3. Create to-do list and do it all step by step
4. Indulgence in between: coffee, chocolate, a break or a cozy chat with your colleague – no matter what you do, do it with total enjoyment!
5. Prepare small rewards: If you can look forward to something, you will do the work much better, faster and better.

Take a break! Relax Tips
1. Let the sun in: too dark rooms also affect the psyche. One feels tired, weak, unmotivated and grumpy. So just open the window, ventilate properly, breathe in and out deeply and let the sun or the brightness from outside into the room.
2. Music is the key: Music can be therapy enough. If you want, you can already insert your favorite songs while you work. If that is not possible, then you can listen to a few songs in the playlist up and down in the short intermission break.
3. Taster the stress away: Because essential oils speak directly to our sense of smell the area in the brain that controls the emotions. Chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, rosewood and basil are particularly relaxing. The oils develop their full effect when they are evaporated in an aroma lamp.