Runny nose – how can I clear my nose?

When falling asleep, in the office or while curling up on the couch: A stuffy nose can cost the nerves of a cold. If you follow these tips, you can breathe again soon and release your olfactory organ. Get well!

  • Use nasal spray early
    A cold spray has a vasoconstrictor effect and allows the mucous membranes to subside in just a few minutes. You can quickly blow your nose and breathe better over your nose. "Get back to a nasal spray early on," says ENT doctor. Christoph Brand from Vienna, "Otherwise, the secretion can ascend into the Eustachian tube and develop into a middle ear infection or cause a sinusitis. Sore throat and coughing can also be the result if the secretion drips down into the throat. "Use the nasal spray consistently up to three times a day and not longer than seven days, as otherwise an addictive danger may arise.
  • Inhale
    If you do not have a fever, you can inhale 15 minutes after using the nasal spray. Boil a liter of water with cheese poplar tea and add two level teaspoons of sea salt. Inhale with a towel over your head for about ten to fifteen minutes. Apply up to three times a day!
  • Drink a lot
    Drink as much as possible to dissolve the mucus faster and liquefy it. Dr. Brand: "Doubling your usual drinking volume per day, as soon as you have colds!" Linden flower tea is particularly suitable because it also has a soothing and expectorant effect. Extra tip: The good old chicken soup has proven itself in colds. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and gives the body plenty of fluids!
  • creaming
    "The nose is often dried out and encrusted from the inside. Then she feels even more clogged ", Dr. Fire. Nasal creams and nasal balms help to soften and care for rubbed and encrusted areas. Important: Do not inhale while using nasal creams!
  • Eat hot
    In the short term, spicy dishes can help liberate the nose. Effective are, for example, recipes with raw onion or garlic but also with chilli and wasabi.
  • Inhale essential oils
    Tea tree oil or Japanese mint oil have an expectorant effect. Adults can apply it directly under the nose or on the chest, so that you can inhale the scents constantly and have them work on the mucous membrane. Attention: For toddlers many of these products are not allowed.
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