Study shows: Alcohol makes you more successful

If you like to have a drink after work, then you will be happy, because
allegedly the consumption of alcohol in the job should help a lot. At least the three economists Bjцrn Frank, Justus Haucap and Annika Herr of the University of Dьsseldorf assert this. The basic idea here is the concept of "social drinking": with a glass of beer at the end of the day or with a champagne reception you reveal information about yourself and your character. And it is precisely this information that can be crucial for the career ladder. Why? Because drinking together is one way to signal to others that you are a cooperative, productive business partner.
In addition, the three claim that alcohol consumption in Western countries has become a kind of social norm and who practices this, builds a network with which he may make much easier career.

But since alcohol at work is also considered a reason for dismissal, the scientists emphasize when and where alcohol may or should be drunk. And they argue further that in any case it must be consumed well in order to act as a kind of truth accelerator.
It should not mean that you have to reach for the bottle to get ahead in the job. The scientists only want to show that you can get sympathy points through one or the other glass with the boss.