The best meditation apps for beginners

We are the first to admit that sometimes life can be quite stressful. We are constantly connected to our devices (sometimes even several at the same time) and in non-stop-go mode. Since it is quite difficult to find the inner balance and come to rest again. Of course, we have developed some mechanisms to handle the stress better (hello, my glass of wine in the evening!), But meditation is considered the healthiest and most sustainable way to get down and balance. Medical research has shown that meditation lowers blood pressure and even strengthens the immune system. So there are not only psychic but also physically positive effects of a daily "Om" phase. Only: How do you meditate? What techniques are there, what is the best way to find inner peace? We have selected the best beginner meditation apps.

These meditation apps are suitable for beginners

HEADSPACE – GUIDED MEDITATION. Headspace lets you train your mind, helps to block out external stimuli and focus on the breathing techniques. The app offers 10-minute daily sessions for beginners and teaches the basics of meditation with nice animations. The first 10 days are free, then you can take a subscription for 10 euros per month. On iTunes and Google Play.

7MIND. To get started, there are seven basic meditations, but (which we find particularly useful) meditation courses on topics such as stress, happiness, health, creativity and relationship! Some of the exercises also help you fall asleep, and there are quick 2-minute meditations that are really helpful in stressful situations (such as a presentation). The basic version and a few meditations are free, the complete package comes to 8.99 euros a month. On iTunes and Google Play.

CALM. The meditation app Calm has triggered a real hype in American advertising agencies – in some offices, the app is played after lunch for additional relaxation on the screens of employees. To Meerstitscheln, pleasant music or rustling leaves you can visit thematically sorted courses such as "better sleep" or "more mindfulness" virtually. Advantage: Calm is already usable in the free version, but there is also a full version of the meditation app for $ 8.99. Attention: Only in English! On iTunes and Google Play.

STOP, BREATHE & THINK. This app has a slightly different approach. While you decide with the other meditation apps, which meditation suits your mood, you can first answer a few questions and then get recommended for your emotional constitution "course". In the basic version "Stop, Breathe, Think" is free, for one euro you can buy additional packages. An absolutely fair offer, the service is also very simple. Attention: Only in English! On iTunes and Google Play.

OMVANA. Omvana offers stimulating sounds and guided meditations to help you relax faster, concentrate, fall asleep or be more productive. In addition to the basic courses, there are also texts and inspiring speeches by famous authors in the app. The app was recommended by Forbes to BBC and is considered one of the best meditation apps available on the market. Attention: Only in English! The basic version is free, for different additional packages you pay between 4 and 7 euros. On iTunes and Google Play.