Christmas: How to circumvent "food traps"

Let the fingers of all kinds of fruit tea, why? 1. They contain fructose. 2. They trigger food cravings. Alternative: green tea. And did you know that protein-based cookies, such as macaroons, have the least calories? Rather to grab this treat. Christmas market
Never go to the Christmas market with your stomach empty. It's best to snack on a piece of dark chocolate beforehand – a study has proven that it takes away the cravings of other snacks. And when hunger comes, either opt for alcohol or greasy food. Because the combination moves directly to the hips. If the choice is fatty, then reduce the carbohydrates. For example: Bratwьrstl without bread. Instead of roasted almonds to chestnuts or instead of mulled wine cider. Christmas party
A popular "food trap": the Flying Buffet. Best in advance, ask which appetizers are served, so that one accesses the "good" (= protein-rich bread coverings such as corned beef). Avoid camembert or salami. Order a white splash instead of champagne or white wine. Also watch out for cocktails, for example order a Cuba Libre with Cola light.