Three women with incurable breast cancer model for charity </title>

Although some fashion brands are small, they still change society a bit with their advertising. Lonely Lingerie is one such label from New Zealand that has been a source of excitement in the past with their models, the 'Lonely Girls'. And why are we so excited about the ladies presenting the pretty underwear? Because they look just like us: Authentic, unretouched, real – with corners and edges. And it's not about the old 'competition' between fat and thin! The point is that through makeup, twisted poses, a body trimmed for the moment, and lots of post-processing, models simply do not look like real women anymore. Especially in underwear advertisements, the ladies must be charming, erotic, yes, oversexualized. And the target group of women's underwear advertisements should actually be women themselves. Nevertheless, the subjects are photographed with a masculine look, which means that the models are degraded to an object of desire of the man.

(c) Lonely Lingerie / Harriet Were It's so refreshing that Lonely Lingerie puts naturalness back in the limelight and stages women not as objects but as subjects. And so it is with the new campaign, which was conceived in cooperation with the association Sweet Louise. Sweet Louise supports women with incurable breast cancer and also the photo campaign in the breast cancer month of October in the same vein beat.

(c) Lonely Lingerie / Harriet Were The three women in the pictures are Marian, Maggie and Jo. They all live with incurable breast cancer, but are still not children of sadness. Maggie, the lady in the yellow ensemble, is the first of the three presented on the Lonely Girls page. "I was diagnosed ten years ago and have been thinking about it every day ever since." Maggie writes. "The doctor told me I only had a 10 percent chance of survival, but I was not ready to give up that 10 percent! My family means everything to me and I have not seen enough of my fantastic two kids to start watching stop! ".

(c) Lonely Lingerie / Harriet Were The ladies' message is clear: never stop fighting! Even if the odds are bad, there is still something worth living for. With her campaign Lonely Lingerie wants to not only draw attention to the topic of breast cancer prevention, but also raise money for 'Sweet Louise '. By SMS, 3 Australian dollars can be donated to a good cause. And if that's not enough, you can also pre-order the 'Lonely x Ophelia Tee ' Shirt, which will be given to the New Zealand Cancer Foundation.