Try Muckefuck!

The new year has begun. And now you should start to put your New Year's resolutions into action. A classic would be, for example, the small addictions of life (sugar, coffee ..) in their place. As far as the coffee is concerned, you can switch to many alternatives: matcha, black tea, green tea … But an excellent alternative is often forgotten: cereal coffee. Well, something called Muckefuck, Bl№mchen-Kaffee or Ersatz-Kaffee probably does not appeal to the masses. But cereal coffee is a miracle drug born of necessity: it tastes very similar to coffee beans, but contains no caffeine. In addition, the Muckefuck is said to be digestive. Also complex carbohydrates, protein and many different trace elements are contained in cereal coffee.

(c) Briscoe Incidentally, the almost insulting nickname "Muckefuck" comes directly from the origin of the substitute coffee. Under Napoleon, in the early 1800s, it was almost impossible to get real bean coffee. And this misery has made people very inventive, for they began to toast cereals in a similar way and to make a kind of coffee from it. The term "Mocca Faux", ie false mocha, was no longer correct in German-speaking countries and became "Muckefuck". The original Muckefuck consisted of roasted chicory roots, which is related to our chicory plant. Therefore, the drink prepared from it was very bitter and not terribly tasty. Pure chicory coffee is nowhere to be found anymore. For this you will find in organic stores varied variations of several grains and grains. For example, a mixture of acorns, chicory and figs. But also more classic variants such as Caro coffee are among the alternatives.

Grain coffee: the healthy alternative.

One thing all varieties have in common: they are caffeine-free! Therefore, they are perfect for nursing mothers, pregnant women and people who in themselves want to consume less caffeine. And you do not have to give up the beans despite the grain coffee! For example, one can try to consume the coffee beans only for their positive properties such as antioxidants or as an energy source. That could then look like that as a Beigetrфnk for breakfast, a large cup of cereal coffee and then indulges in an espresso from real beans. So you have the best of both worlds!