Vaginal infections in summer – what to do?

How can a vaginal infection be avoided?

High temperatures and the associated sweating lead to frequent washing and showering. You should avoid the exaggerated use of soap, washing solutions and Intimsp lungen because it quickly destroy the skin and mucous membrane flora. Bacteria thus have favored living conditions, which can subsequently lead to infections.
It is best to prevent vaginal infection by using clean water to wash the genital area while showering.
Another important point in preventing annoying fungal infections is the avoidance of over-clothing, non-breathable (underwear) underwear, and non-breathable panty liners and bandages.

How often should you change the bikini?

Moisture combined with heat favors the growth of yeasts as well as the inflammation of urethral irritation. Women who are prone to such infections should therefore either use quick-drying bath linen or change their wet bathing clothes immediately after bathing.

What about tampons in the water?

Swimming with tampons is fine. Properly inserted tampons do not absorb water when swimming, as normally no water gets into the back part of the vagina. However, the return thread can exert a certain amount of wicking and absorb water to a small extent. Therefore, you can also carefully push the return thread a little bit into the vagina. With these conditions in mind it is therefore not necessary to change the tampon directly after swimming, but to maintain the usual distances. In principle, of course, for hygienic reasons, it is not ideal to go swimming on days with heavy bleeding.

What if you are on vacation and suddenly it starts to itch. Is there a quick home remedy?

In a fully inflamed vaginal yeast infection "home remedies" (such as yogurt) are ineffective. However, since vaginal fungal infections often occur on vacation, it is definitely advisable to bring an effective drug in the first aid kit. Local medicines for vaginal fungus are available over the counter.

How can you strengthen the vaginal flora?

A normal vaginal flora cleanses itself. The best means of strengthening the vaginal flora is therefore the use of water or pH neutral detergents for washing and avoiding untargeted application of vaginal rinse solutions and soaps and wash solutions that alter the normal vaginal pH.
Balanced nutrition and a health-conscious way of life naturally contribute to maintaining a healthy vaginal flora through a balanced metabolism and the strengthening of the immune system.

About DI DDr. Marion Noe
DI DDr. Marion Noe (52) is the founder and managing director of ProFem GmbH. The gynecologist and biochemist dedicates herself with great dedication to the development of therapeutic concepts for heretofore unresolved problems in the treatment of women-specific diseases and conditions based on her observations from daily practice as a gynecologist.