Food intolerance: "target group intolerant"

"It used to be adults over the age of 50 who came to my surgery because they had problems with their guts – but today there are also parents who are here because of their little children," explains dr. Winkler ( Nowadays, it is almost a miracle that a person should be completely free of food allergies and intolerances. The fruit, bread and even milk tolerates well! At least a few years ago, it was the children who could eat whatever they wanted. But even that has changed … In kindergarten, the little Lena no nuts and no more yogurt, Marlon no bread and Ludwig tolerates fruits not so good. Our expert, Dr. med. Winkler has been involved with nutrition for over 20 years and knows that some stomach and bowel problems are due to incompatibilities – but not all. And what many people do not know: There is a huge difference between a food allergy and food intolerance. Allergies can be life threatening. For example, if a person eats a nut that he is allergic to, he may choke from a breathlessness. In food intolerances, however, those affected can not form an enzyme during digestion and therefore, for example, do not split the milk sugar. The consequences are then: bloated stomach, diarrhea, nausea.

"For complaints, it's important to have an expert check you out to find out the cause of the problem." Many people have only a vague idea of ИН ИНthe cause of their swollen abdomen, they think they can not tolerate food x, and then buy it as a precaution lactose-free milk or leave the bread – because of the gluten, you do not know, but that's the wrong way, " my Dr.. Winkler. Whether there is such a thing as a gluten intolerance is scientifically even controversial. It's just as much fun talking to your colleagues about gluten-free specialty recipes as you do on Facebook to get the jogging distance out of the app to prove that a healthy lifestyle is worth a lot. А But one thing is certain: the trend of Food intolerances are increasingly on the increase. In recent years, a billion-dollar business has emerged. Meanwhile, everyone has at least one allergy or intolerance. And the economy has nothing against it: For every day corporations launch new products on the market, which are "something free" and are readily bought by the mass. The "intolerant target group" also likes to spend more money – for their special foods. Because after all, it is "hip" to show how conscious one is (s) t. We talk to our colleagues about the special gluten-free recipes just as much as we publish the jogging distance via Facebook on Facebook to prove that a healthy lifestyle is worth a lot. Basically, it is not bad that there is a trend towards "conscious nutrition" – but it should be worked on the right sites. Namely, the quality of the food, for example. Because bread is not always bad – bread is actually very healthy – it is baked with organic, healthy ingredients. Conscious eating does not mean to jump on every trend, but to observe yourself and your body more closely and ask yourself: What is good for me – what less? And maybe you'll quickly realize that spelled bread without yeast is doing you a very good job – the problem is that gluten intolerance can not be at all, but that the preservatives in industrial bread have bloated your stomach. In order to shed some light on the subject, we have Winkler asked to describe symptoms of lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, sorbitol intolerance, gluten intolerance, celiac disease and food allergies. Based on this description, you can at least recognize whether you suffer from an intolerance or an allergy. Here you will find the article: Gluten, Fructose, Lactose – What else am I allowed?
But if you eat in plastic packed toast with 8 ingredients and do not tolerate this, it is almost impossible to judge which of these harms your body … One thing we should still worry though: is it really "conscious" when we milk drinking cows that we, of course, can not tolerate (because we are not calves) and then buy even more expensive, processed products that we can tolerate? Or rather perverted …?