Miranda Kerr's former cook: That's how the supermodel feeds itself

If your look finances your livelihood, then it's completely understandable that you pay even more attention to keeping your figure. Take for example supermodel Miranda Kerr, repeatedly described as the "most beautiful woman in the world". Super slim, super-trained. Presumably, so our evil prejudice, gnaws the whole day on a carrot before she indulges in a delicious salad leaf for dinner … But: Wrong thought. According to former cook Kate McAloon, who has also worked for Steven Spielberg, Courtney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr's diet is not about giving up but about moderation.

Miranda Kerr's 80/20 Rule: No renunciation, but moderation

In fact, Miranda Kerr treats cake, chocolate and curries. But only from time to time and not every day (like ours). McAloon told The Australian Daily Telegraph: "Miranda sticks to the 80/20 rule, so she eats most of the time very well and consciously, but 20 percent of the time she beats the rigor too, so she never has the feeling she's completely up Having to do without sweet or fatty foods, which makes nutrition more successful in the long term. " 80% of Miranda Kerr's diet is made up of fruits, vegetables, salmon and gluten-free noodles. "Refined sugar is banned from the kitchen," says McAloon. "She uses only high-quality oils and meat is rarely on the table."

Alkaline Diet: What good is Miranda Kerr's diet?

Kerr takes a strong dietary staple on the "Alkaline Diet", which is not primarily designed to help you lose weight but promotes good health and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis or heart disease. The Alkaline diet is based on the following assumption: An "acidic" body becomes ill, serves as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and consumes important nutrients faster. An alkaline or basic body, however, remains healthy. The thesis: With alkaline foods, it should be possible to neutralize acids and thus to influence the pH. So far so good. But the body can regulate its pH on its own, regardless of our diet. It excretes the acids on the one hand via the urine and on the other hand as carbon dioxide in the diet. This means: Sour urine is completely normal and no reason for a diet or diet change … Nevertheless, the "alkaline diet" has positive aspects. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, soy products, barely meat, no alcohol or coffee, and rarely sugar or flour: all of this is consistent with the overall criteria of a healthy diet.