Study: Mulled wine helps with weight loss

We really really would like to believe this investigation. Because then we would lose weight for one month. But we do not. Although we are on a diet, according to a new study. The so-called "mulled wine diet". No shame. The researchers claim that the anti-oxidants contained in mulled wine help to convert excess white fat into the slightly better brown fat. The white fat is used to store excess energy and is responsible for the development of obesity. The brown fat, on the other hand, can convert excess energy reserves into heat. The ingredients of mulled wine, as tests have apparently revealed, stimulate the transfer.

Resveratrol: To help with calorie reduction

Well. In addition, the substance contained in the grapes used for mulled wine Resveratrol should have a positive effect on the weight and also act as an anti-aging miracle. This effect has even been demonstrated in several human studies. We have our doubts. For one thing, it is not possible to find out what quantities you have to consume in order to achieve the effect. On the other hand put in a cup of mulled wine (200 ml) unbelievable 210 calories – with mulled wine with shot you have to add another 50 calories. And third, we can report in the self-test of no rejuvenating effect. On the contrary. After an evening at the Christmas market, we feel rather awful old …