Sweden recommends fat instead of fruit for weight loss

Fat makes you fat – we believe this mantra for decades! However, our faith is currently fluctuating tremendously. Only a few days ago we published here the success story of Roman, who lost 30 kilos: With a lot of fat and no sport! And now Sweden is also the first country to recommend butter, olive oil, whipped cream and bacon – for those who want to lose weight! For two years, the studies of the SBU, the independent Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment in which 16,000 people were examined and whose results are now the official medical guidelines for overweight or diabetes sufferers to be completely corrected: So far, it was recommended to avoid fat to pay attention to the number of calories and to consume a lot of fruit and low-fat products that often contain sugar in return. However, according to the data now available, in the future one will recommend a diet that is high in protein and fat but reduces the amount of carbohydrates and sugar (which is also present in fruit and fruit juices). Not only does this diet promise to tumble the pounds, but overall health levels and, surprisingly, cholesterol are also set to improve. So it would definitely be worth trying to reduce noodles, bread, rice, potatoes and sweets and increasingly to high-quality oils, nuts, fish, meat and butter to set. But still, beware: just because there's some fat in it does not mean it has to be good automatically! Because the real fat is just in connection with carbohydrates, such as French fries, chips, cakes or chocolate.