So, digestive problems affect your workout

It's going to be crazy. You eat healthy, you train regularly – and yet not much happens. You just do not take off, the little cushions especially around the middle persist persistently. Sometimes digestive problems are to blame that despite the fitness program, the fat burning is not boosted. Because in your gut are billions of tiny bacteria. This "microbiome" determines the intestinal flora, each type of bacteria helps to metabolize certain nutrients (ie convert into intermediate and end products).

Fat burning: If the digestion does not play along

Incorrect diet or dieting can mess up the healthy relationship of the intestinal bacteria colony. If they become unbalanced, fat burning is slowed down. We are increasing – or it is harder for us to lose weight. Although we eat less and do sports. If there are too many bad bacteria in our intestines, then our body stores fat. What can you do about it? Fortify the good bacterial strains with probiotic foods. Then you feel more energetic, less sick – and that again affects your fitness. But digestive problems not only affect body fat but also your muscle growth. If your gut is no longer able to utilize nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins well, it interferes with energy production, regeneration, cell repair and muscle growth.

Intestinal imbalance: muscle growth is slowed down

Our small intestine consumes about 50 percent of the absorbed amino acids for bowel function. The rest of the amino acids are then used for other bodily functions, such as building muscle tissue, burning fat, and transporting vital nutrients to all organs. You really need these amino acids if your muscles are to grow. If the intestinal function is disturbed, then fewer amino acids reach your muscle tissue – that makes growth difficult, but also regeneration after fitness.

What helps against digestive problems?

Of course, the right diet. You should avoid too much sugar, salt and fats. Instead, make sure:

  • Sauerkraut, Kefir, Kombucha: Probiotic foods contain the good intestinal bacteria. Tip: Vary these foods so that you take as many different intestinal bacteria strains as possible.
  • Dietary fiber not only helps to prevent food cravings from reoccurring, it also provides a smoother, smoother bowel movement and removes waste products from your body. Fresh apples, flaxseed, broccoli, strawberries, pears, artichokes and nuts contain a lot of fiber.
  • Have a lot, drink a lot. Water is one of the best ways of getting your digestive problems out of the world, uh, out of the body. It cleanses your intestines and promotes peristalsis.
  • Warm lemon water in the morning: Lemons stimulate digestion and support liver detoxification processes.
  • Processed foods such as processed foods destroy the healthy intestinal flora. A lot of sugar in food also nourishes the bad bacteria and yeasts and promotes inflammation in the body and intestines.