Olive oil helps with weight loss

Tonight 's with me Greek salad. And tommorow too. Maybe the day after tomorrow. Fix is: Olive oil must now be pure in everything that I cook. For a new study by the University of Navarre shows: Frequent consumption of olive oil in combination with balanced diet and exercise leads to a faster weight loss in overweight people than without the cold-pressed fat.

Olive oil helps to lose weight

The "Mediterranean diet" is not without reason for years successfully on a diet with olive oil. For the study, 1,000 people who had a high risk of cardiovascular disease due to their massive body weight were switched to a Mediterranean diet for three years.

  • Fish, vegetables, fruits and cereal products were on the menu.
  • Animal fats have been consistently replaced by herbal.
  • Each household also received dried fruit and one liter of virgin olive oil per week.

Every seven days the subjects were examined and weighed. And indeed: Due to the change in diet, the researchers measured a high proportion of health-protective antioxidants in the body of the participants. In addition, the weight decreased. The scientists Cristina Razquin and Amelia Marti: "Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids that release a hormone that reduces appetite and lowers cholesterol levels." In a word: olive oil = less cravings.

Olive oil is not just olive oil: what you have to look out for when buying

  • The seal check: "Protected Geographical Indication" does not mean much – except that part of the manufacturing has been done in a defined area. On the other hand, "Protected Designation of Origin" is important as a seal. Then the product comes from a specific area, where it is also processed and bottled.
  • Shelf life: A good olive oil is stable for a maximum of 18 months after bottling and can be consumed during this period without quality and great loss of taste.
  • Taste: Good olive oil tastes fresh and slightly grassy. Trust your taste!